FKA Twigs, Keith Urban NOT ‘Concerned’ About Robert Pattinson And Nicole Kidman’s ‘Steamy Friendship’

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FKA Twigs Concerned Robert Pattinson Nicole Kidman

By Shari Weiss |

FKA Twigs Concerned Robert Pattinson Nicole Kidman

(Celeb Dirty Laundry)

FKA Twigs and Keith Urban are NOT “concerned” about Robert Pattinson’s supposed “steamy friendship” with Nicole Kidman, despite a purely speculative and sensational story. Gossip Cop can bust the report.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Pattinson and Twigs are on the outs because the British singer is “stalling on wedding plans.” So, the webloid writes, “Robert Pattinson needs an older woman in his life, one who doesn’t play childish games. Could Nicole Kidman be the one?” The site notes that Pattinson and Kidman “have been working hard on their new movie Queen Of The Desert,” and calls their chemistry “impressive.”

CDL goes on to claim that a recently-released clip of Kidman’s character giving Pattinson’s a kiss on the cheek “no doubt has raised a red flag for his jealous fiancé FKA Twigs.” The outlet further writes, “Nicole Kidman is a married woman, but the fact that her marriage to Keith Urban has been on the rocks for years now doesn’t exactly reassure anyone that there could be something going on between her and the Twilight hunk.”

“There’s nothing like two actors, on the verge of a break-up, kissing each other in the desert for a new movie that doesn’t raise red flags for all parties involved,” continues CDL. But the only red flags here are in this ridiculous, manufactured article.

Neither couple is “on the verge of a break-up.” Pattinson and Kidman are not “hard at work on their new movie.” Filming wrapped TWO YEARS AGO. There is no continuing “steamy friendship.”

And both Urban and Twigs completely understand that “kissing each other in the desert for a new movie” is something called PLAYING PRETEND. The pair isn’t “concerned” about their respective significant others because there’s nothing to be “concerned” about. While Celeb Dirty Laundry even wonders if the dynamic could be a “recipe for disaster, it’s clear the real disaster is this story.

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FKA Twigs and Keith Urban are concerned about Robert Pattinson and Nicole Kidman’s steamy friendship.


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