FKA Twigs: I’m In An “Amazing Relationship” With Robert Pattinson

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FKA Twigs Complex

By Minyvonne Burke |

FKA Twigs Complex


FKA Twigs says she’s in an “amazing relationship” with Robert Pattinson, but is still having a hard time dealing with the constant media attention and backlash. “It’s pretty horrible,” admits FKA Twigs. “But ultimately, I’m in an amazing relationship. So it doesn’t matter.”

As Gossip Cop reported, the singer’s engagement to Pattinson was accidentally revealed in April when pal T-Pain spilled the news in an interview. In a new interview with Complex, FKA Twigs says she and her actor fiance had wanted to keep the news of their engagement private, but she wasn’t upset when it got out. “It’s fine,” assures FKA Twigs, adding, “I’m a pretty chill person.”

The “Glass & Patron” singer has said in the past that she doesn’t like the constant attention she receives because of her relationship with Pattinson, and she echoed those same sentiments in her interview with the magazine. “If this is what being an artist is, I’m not really sure this is for me,” says FKA Twigs, noting, “This [press cycle] is horrific. I could be doing dance class right now.”

Even though she would much rather stay out of the spotlight, FKA Twigs is extremely thankful for her fans and the way her music career has taken off. She explains to the magazine that her life wasn’t always easy, but everything is starting to work out. “I’m so grateful for that,” she says. “At times, especially when I was a teenager, I just couldn’t see how things could ever get better, or how I’d ever be able to do this. I don’t know what I thought I’d be doing. I’d always worked hard at music and dancing, but I never thought I’d get the opportunity to be doing this.” What do you think about FKA Twigs comments about Robert Pattinson and fame?


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