VIDEO: Cousin Sal’s Fish Bowl Prank Has Heartwarming Ending On Jimmy Kimmel

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Fish Bowl Jimmy Kimmel

By Daniel Gates |

Fish Bowl Jimmy Kimmel


Would you hold a stranger’s goldfish bowl? On Tuesday’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live,” the host’s prank-loving Cousin Sal decided to find out. He asked pedestrians on Hollywood Boulevard to watch his bowl while he ran off to take care of something. What he didn’t tell them was that he would give them $50 for every minute they held the bowl. The results were heartwarming. Watch the video below!

It was a nice change of pace for Sal, who was rewarding a good deed with one of his own. Things did not start well. The first pair of guys Sal asked to watch his fish actually started to walk away with it after he left, coming close to committing the first act of live fish-napping in television history.

But then Sal found Cedric, a sweetheart who not only agreed to watch the fish, but even complied with Sal’s insane instructions (“Don’t put him down! It’s dirty and he gets sick and vomits, it gets bad!”), waiting patiently for Sal’s return. The show even tested Cedric by sending out someone to try to buy the fish in order to eat it. “I’ll give you $30 bucks to eat it,” the Kimmel staffer told the poor fish-holder, who refused, honorably and sweetly.

When Cedric successfully held the fish for 10 minutes and was rewarded with $500, he was overwhelmed. He told the hidden camera, “I was in the Marines, and it seems like the whole world is evil, but not Jimmy Kimmel!” Later, Kimmel asked, “Was that the strangest request you’ve ever gotten on a public street?” Cedric admitted, “It’s up there.” Watch the heartwarming video of fish and friendship below.


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