Tess Boyer Missing? Dad Says The Voice Contestant Has NOT Vanished, While Friends Launch #FindTessBoyer

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Tess Boyer Missing

By Daniel Gates |

Tess Boyer Missing

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UPDATE: Tess Boyer has released a video to say “I’m NOT Missing.”

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Tess Boyer, a former contestant on “The Voice,” is NOT missing, says her father. On Tuesday, however, her friend Bria Kelly, herself an alum of the singing competition show, took to Twitter and announced, “Tess has been missing for weeks and has vanished from social media. Help us #FindTessBoyer.” The phrase was soon trending nationwide.

Gossip Cop has exclusively spoken to Tess’ father, Pastor Roy Boyer, who tells us Tess is “fine” and “not missing.” He doesn’t know where the story came from, but the family is looking into where the rumor originated. There’s been no formal police investigation of any missing person, and the disappearance was only reported by a circle of Boyer’s friends.

Kelly tweeted, “Tess has not shown up to class and hasn’t communicated with us. Her family will not give us any info. We need your help. #FindTessBoyer… She is not only missing from social media, but is also missing in Glen Carbon, Illinois.” Kelly then retweeted another concerned friend who said it had “been 18 days” since Boyer was last seen.

“This isn’t a joke and is also something I never thought I would have to do,” continued Kelly. “Tess was my big sister during The Voice. #FindTessBoyer PLEASE.” Another friend, Julia Morgan, tweeted, “#FindTessBoyer I haven’t been able to see or hear from one of my best friends in almost 3 weeks. this is not okay guys, help us find her.”

Boyer competed on Season 6 of “The Voice” last year. She sang the National Anthem before a National League playoff game between the Los Angeles Dodgers and St. Louis Cardinals back in October. Gossip Cop will have updates. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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