‘Fifty Shades Of Black’ Red Band Trailer: Marlon Wayans Spoofs Christian Grey – WATCH!

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Fifty Shades Black Trailer

By Andrew Shuster |

Fifty Shades Black Trailer

(Open Road Films)

Fifty Shades Of Black, Marlon Wayans upcoming spoof of Fifty Shades of Grey, has just released a red band trailer. See the R-rated preview below!

The parody movie stars Wayans as Christian Black, a billionaire who seduces a college reporter named Hannah, played by Kali Hawk. While it may sound like the same plot as the original movie, the spoof’s tagline insists that this comedy is “way shadier than gray.”

The outrageous new preview features all sorts of sexual hijinks and explicit jokes, including a gag that may forever change the way you look at a keyhole. And if by any chance you felt Fifty Shades of Grey wasn’t erotic enough, this may just be the movie for you. However, the sensuality here is in hilariously bad taste. Case in point, the movie has been stamped with an R rating for “strong crude sexual content including graphic nudity.”

The cast of the comedy also includes Mike Epps, Jane Seymour, and Fred Willard. Wayans co-wrote the script along with Rick Alvarez, with whom he collaborated on Scary Movie, White Chicks, and A Haunted House.

Fifty Shades Of Black hits theaters on January 29. Watch the funny and raunchy new trailer below, and tell Gossip Cop what you think.


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