Fifth Harmony Statement: Security Guard Touching Fan Is “Lie”

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Fifth Harmony Security Team

By Michael Lewittes |

Fifth Harmony Security Team

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Fifth Harmony is slamming an accusation by a female fan that a security guard “inappropriately touched” her at a hotel in Rio de Janeiro, where the band was staying for the first of its five concerts in Brazil. In a statement posted Monday, the band voiced its unequivocal “support” for its security team, and called the woman’s allegation a “lie.”

After a number of unsubstantiated reports surfaced claiming Fifth Harmony’s protection has been overly aggressive, the women co-signed a statement denying the allegations, and pledging their allegiance to band’s security team. The note read, “Our security team is set up and in place to protect us and our privacy when people go beyond normal boundaries. We’ve seen all over Twitter outrage over one of our security guards attacking and trying to inappropriately touch one of our fans and we wanted to put out a statement calling out this lie. We were there.”

The statement explained the “girl tried to come to Lauren and Dinah doors and the security we hired were with us speaking to us and making sure we were safe. We saw this girl lie to them about where she was staying and where her actual room was, tell them to ‘shut the f*** up and stop talking’ and then proceed to try and lunge toward Lauren’s room so she could get a note to her.” “The security guards who ushered her away and made sure she didn’t follow through were doing their jobs of protecting us,” continued the statement.

Fifth Harmony further expressed that in light of the recent shoot of Christina Grimmie, “We can’t ever be too safe with our personal space and protection.” “The security guard did nothing but try to make sure the girl went back down the stairs to where she was actually staying. She combated and fought to break free of their directing her and in the process was shouting that they were touching her in trying to take her clothes off. Four of us were out there and experienced the scene with our own eyes, along with parents and other staff members. Not one security guard inappropriately touched or harmed anyone.”

The women affirmed, “We will continue to support our security team in making sure that they protect the boundaries so many people seem to think they’re entitled to disrespect. They’re only trying to keep us safe. We’re sorry for any convenience but we do not appreciate people lying about our team and costing people their jobs just so they can get extra attention from us.” The statement, signed by Dinah, Lauren, Ally, Camila and Normani, concluded, “We appreciate if you recognize it when you disrespect our team and their hard work, you’re disrespecting us.”

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