Fifth Harmony: “F*cking Justin Bieber” Is “Hot,” But We’re “Sluts”?! (PHOTO)

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Fifth Harmony Justin Bieber Cosmo

By Shari Weiss |

Fifth Harmony Justin Bieber Cosmo

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Fifth Harmony is calling out a double standard when it comes to sexuality, and they use Justin Bieber to make the point.

In an interview for the October issue of Cosmo For Latinas, the women are asked, “Have you guys ever gotten flack for how you dress?” Not surprisingly, they answered affirmatively. Lauren Jauregui (pictured right) told the magazine, “It’s ridiculous! Just because we dress according to our body types and dress the way that we want to. A woman embracing her sexuality isn’t wrong, it’s not being a slut.”

Camila Cabello notes, “People aren’t getting that it’s time to move on and be accepting of other women dressing however they want.” And that’s when Jauregui brings up Bieber. The former “X Factor” contestant cites Bieber’s butt-baring nude photo from earlier this year as an example of the different responses men and women sometimes get when being provocative.

“I’ve noticed on our video comments, it’s people’s go-to, to accuse us of the whole ‘slut thing.’ Then they support men who do the craziest things and say nothing about them. F*cking Justin Bieber,” she exclaims. Jauregui goes on, “I’m sorry, excuse me. Justin Bieber takes his pants off, posts a pic of it, and it’s like, ‘OMG, he’s so hot.’ What. Is. That?! How is this reality? Know what I mean?”

Interestingly, Fifth Harmony is rather covered up in its Cosmo For Latinas photo (see below). TELL US: What do you think the comparison.

Fifth Harmony Cosmo For Latinas

(Kareem Black/Cosmo For Latinas)


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