Fidel Castro Dead 9 Years After Perez Hilton Reported Cuban Leader’s Death

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Fidel Castro Dead

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Fidel Castro Dead

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Fidel Castro died late Friday, a full nine years, three months and one day after Perez Hilton first reported the Cuban dictator’s death. Castro was 90 years old. The news of the Communist leader’s actual death was officially announced by his brother Raul on Cuban TV.

Shortly after hearing of Castro’s death, thousands of people hit the streets of “Little Havana” in Miami to sing, dance, set off fireworks, and wave Cuban flags. Meanwhile, Perez made a video of his Cuban-born mom Teresita saying she was “really happy” that Castro was dead. The blogger even notes on the video, “I think he’s been dead a few years.”

Well, Perez can finally brag about being the first to “break the news” of Castro’s death, albeit nearly a decade before it actually happened. As Gossip Cop has noted year after year, in 2007 Perez swore up and down Castro had died, and in the face of legitimate news agencies saying he was completely wrong, he defiantly continued to publish a stream of inaccurate articles. “We still stand by our reporting 110%. Our (government) sources were/are impeccable on this story. Fidel Castro is dead!” wrote Perez more than nine years ago. Other articles from August 2007 claimed, “Sources reveal exclusively to that U.S. officials will be holding a press conference shortly to announce the death of Cuban dictator Fidel Castro.”

Of course, if you wait long enough, even Perez Hilton will be right one day. Fidel Castro is finally dead. He will be cremated on Saturday. Gossip Cop would like to finally congratulate Perez on his big scoop.

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