Fergie Snubbed Ashley Graham At Miss Universe Pageant?

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Fergie Ashley Graham Snub

By Andrew Shuster |

Fergie Ashley Graham Snub

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Did Fergie actually snub Ashley Graham at the 2017 Miss Universe pageant? One of this week’s tabloids claims the singer brushed off the model at the event, but Gossip Cop looked into the situation and we can exclusively set the record straight.

Fergie performed at the annual pageant, which aired on Fox last month, while Graham served as the backstage host. An article in the latest issue of Star now purports that there was some tension between the two behind-the-scenes. A so-called “witness” tells the magazine, “On the red carpet, Ashley told Fergie that she loved her dress and that she looked amazing, but instead of returning the compliment, Fergie just sniffed ‘I love it too’ and walked away.”

The outlet’s questionable source goes on to say that the singer doesn’t have a personal problem with the model, but she’s not one to pay insincere compliments. “Fergie won’t sugar-coat anything,” adds the supposed insider. “She wouldn’t say Ashley looked great just to be polite; maybe she just wasn’t into her style.”

But Gossip Cop checked in with a rep for Fergie, who exclusively assures us the alleged incident never happened. Another insider tells us the singer is “all about women and girl power” and “would never snub anyone.” The only true aspect of the outlet’s story is that both Fergie and Graham posed on the red carpet at the Miss Universe pageant. The interaction described in the publication, however, is completely fabricated.

Unfortunately, we’re not surprised by this bogus article. Gossip Cop recently called out Star’s sister publication, OK!, for falsely claiming that Fergie wears scarves to hide her neck wrinkles. Shortly after that nonsense, we busted Star’s other sister outlet, RadarOnline, for making up a story about Fergie “crushing on” Kendall Jenner. This latest report about the singer’s alleged clash with Graham is equally bogus.

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