Female Stars Who’ve Shaved Heads For Roles (PHOTOS)

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female stars shaved head

By Jesse Spero |

female stars shaved head

(Instagram/Gina Rodriguez)

Gina Rodriguez shaved the side of her head and debuted the new buzzed look on Instagram on Wednesday. The “Jane The Virgin” star explained to fans on Twitter that the dramatic new cut is for her upcoming movie, Annihilation, and noted, “I love it.” Now, Gossip Cop looks back at several female stars who have shaved their heads. See the photos below!

In 2014, Demi Lovato rocked a similar side shave when she opted for an edgier, less Disney style. Like Rodriguez and Lovato, “Games of Thrones” star Natalie Dormer also got out the clippers for her role in The Hunger Games: Mockingjay, where she sported a drastically close-cropped hairstyle.

Of course, one of Hollywood’s most infamous female buzzcuts belonged to Demi Moore, who sheared off all her hair for the 1997 film G.I. Jane. Moore needed her head shaved because she played a women who enlisted in the U.S. Navy. And Sigourney Weaver also famously had a bald head for Alien 3.

Charlie Therzon also rocked a buzz cut for 2015’s Mad Max:Fury Road, and looked beyond chic the following year as it grew out. Natalie Portman also went for the fully shaved head for 2005’s V for Vendetta. Check out the photos below of more female stars who have shaved their luscious locks off their heads for roles!



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