Felicity Jones “Graham Norton Show” Video: “Rogue One” Star Shows Off Fan’s Jyn Tattoo

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Felicity Jones Graham Norton Video

By Shari Weiss |

Felicity Jones Graham Norton Video

(Graham Norton Show)

Felicity Jones revealed on Friday’s “The Graham Norton Show” that a fan has a tattoo of her face. Watch below!

Jones was on the British talk show to promote Rogue One: A Star Wars Story. Although the stand-alone film features primarily new characters, including the actress’ Jyn Erso, one supporter has already decided to make a permanent tribute to the movie… on his body. “Where there are nerd fans, there are nerd tattoos,” Graham commented.

That led Jones to share the artwork that was recently done in her honor. “I came across a male who had had the character of Jyn tattooed,” she explained, with the host interrupting, “It’s you! He’s had you tattooed!” Laughs followed when Jones announced the ink was on the unnamed man’s calf, as opposed to another body part that could sound similar when speaking with a British accent.

Fellow guest Dev Patel quipped, “I guess he’s got a big calf!” Graham hilariously added, “I know we’ve got a picture of it, but I don’t think we can show that!” But the tattoo really was in a PG-rated place, taking up the lower portion of the guy’s leg.

Still, Jones had concerns. Namely, “I’m just worried about what happens when the hair grows back. I’m gonna be a bearded lady!” Also during the show, Dawn French showed off her Star Wars parody photos, much to Jones’ amusement. Check out the videos below!


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