WATCH: Farrah Abraham Storms Off Crying After Fight With Teen Mom OG Producers

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Farrah Abraham Teen Mom OG Video

By Shari Weiss |

Farrah Abraham Teen Mom OG Video


Farrah Abraham only recently rejoined “Teen Mom,” but she’s already fighting with the producers. Watch the video below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Abraham has signed on to star in “Teen Mom OG,” the upcoming MTV reality series featuring the original “Teen Mom” cast members. She and Maci Bookout, Catelynn Lowell, and Amber Portwood all first appeared on “Teen Mom” together in 2009, after they each shared their pregnancy stories on “16 and Pregnant.” The show ran until 2012, and Abraham later found herself estranged from the group when she embarked on a porn career with the “Farrah Superstar: Backdoor Teen Mom” sex tape. In fact, the girls didn’t want to work with her on “Teen Mom OG,” and the show was initially planned without her.

Now Abraham’s last-minute participation is a reunion of sorts, and that reunion gets off to a very rocky start in a new teaser clip, which shows one of the series’ producers, Heather, asking co-executive producer Larry to step in when Abraham objects to how they want to set up her first appearance on the new show. “I’m not throwing you under the bus,” Heather tells the unenthused Larry. “But I’ve been yelled at. Welcome to my world.” Larry insists he won’t get yelled at, but Heather warns, “She’s gonna shut down production is what she’s gonna do.”

Larry enters Abraham’s home and she immediately complains, “Why are we worried about an entry? Why don’t we just be real about that?” He replies that he’s “all about being real,” but wants to be “mindful” of how viewers will turn on the TV and see her on the show somewhat randomly, and stresses that some kind of “introduction” is needed. Abraham dismisses his point, and says, “Whatever. We all agree on the same thing. It’s weird I wasn’t a part of it. Now I’m a part of it. The end.”

Larry tries to make Abraham feel better by telling her, “Everybody that’s put together the show, we all felt there was something missing. It just didn’t feel right not having you.” But the comments cause Abraham to burst into tears, and she cries out, “You guys just like make me more f*cking mad,” before storming off. Abraham’s daughter Sophia, who is present for the whole exchange, is left wondering what just happened. “I don’t understand,” says the five-year-old. “I thought she was still happy, but then she’s crying.”

Abraham’s mom then steps in to explain to the producers that “in her mind, she was rejected, she was ostracized, she was outcast,” and is apparently still dealing with the feelings of alienation. The new series marks the first time viewers will see the cast interacting with the producers, and clearly it won’t all go smoothly. “Teen Mom OG” premieres on March 23. Check out the preview video below, and tell us what you think. NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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