‘Fantastic Four’ Cast Reveals Who Gets Laid The Most On “Watch What Happens Live” (VIDEO)

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Fantastic Four Watch What Happens Live

By Andrew Shuster |

Fantastic Four Watch What Happens Live


Fantastic Four stars Miles Teller, Kate Mara, Michael B. Jordan, and Jamie Bell all appeared on Thursday’s “Watch What Happens Live” to promote their new movie, and in the process revealed who gets laid the most. The cast of the film played a game in which host Andy Cohen threw out a characteristic, and they then had to reveal to whom it applied the most applied. The biggest revelation came when all the cast members agreed Jordan gets laid the most. Watch the funny video below!

Cohen began the game by asking who “messes up their lines the most?” and everyone agreed it was Teller, who didn’t seem happy about them calling him out. He was also chosen as the “biggest momma’s boy.” Mara was picked as the “biggest lightweight” when it came to drinking, the “biggest flirt,” and as having the “best superhero power.” The actress plays the Invisible Woman in Fantastic Four.

Bell, however, was chosen as having the “worst superpower” for his role as the Thing, who transforms into a pile of rocks. On the bright side, Bell was tapped the “nicest to fans.” As far as who got the “most attention from girls,” Jordan was deemed the clear winner. With the follow-up question of “who gets laid the most?” the group quickly and unanimously pointed to Jordan, as Mara shouted “This guy!”

There was a split decision as to which actor was the “biggest partier,” as no one wanted to cop to it. Mara picked Jordan, or “MBJ” as she calls him. Meanwhile, Jordan chose Teller, and Teller singled out Bell. Apparently, all agreed Mara isn’t exactly a party animal.

Watch the video below to see the cast of Fantastic Four reveal all on “Watch What Happens Live,” and tell us what you think.


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