Fans Support Liam Payne Resolution To Quit Smoking Cigarettes With Hashtag #YouCanDoItLiam

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Liam Payne Quit Smoking

By Michael Lewittes |

Liam Payne Quit Smoking

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Liam Payne said his New Year’s resolution is to quit smoking cigarettes, and now his fans are supporting him as he tries to break the habit. As a result, the hashtag #YouCanDoItLiam began trending late Saturday and continued well into Sunday. Check out some fan tweets below.

It all started when Payne told People at the Jingle Ball in Los Angeles on Friday that he would like to “give up smoking” as a New Year’s resolution. The One Direction singer acknowledged it’s “hard” but felt it was “about time” he quit smoking cigarettes. Not long after Payne’s resolution was revealed, his fans came to his support. A Twitter user named ‏@borntolou wrote, “im so so proud of liam i swear, he can definitely give up smoking, he’s a strong human.” “he saved a millions of lifes and he also can save his life by stop smoking we know you can do it liam we believe in you,” tweeted @brvkenzouis.

A fan by with the Twitter handle @iAsherStyles expressed, “After u quit smoking, i could tell my mom, ‘See mom liam quited smoking, that means you can do it too.'” Twitter user @leedsfestiival encouragingly tweeted, “It takes a lot of commitment and self control, but you got this baby. I’m so proud of you.” And @oopshisquad stated, “Being determined to live healthier is such an inspiring thing liam, it’s obvious that you’ve grown maturer. So proud of you.”

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