Fans React: U2 Cancels St. Louis Concert Amid Police Protests

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U2 Cancels St Louis Concert

By Shari Weiss |

U2 Cancels St Louis Concert

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Fans are reacting after U2 canceled its St. Louis concert amid protests in the city. On Friday, activists began demonstrating after Jason Stockley, a white police officer, was acquitted of murder in the shooting death of Anthony Lamar Smith, who is black. While people are protesting both the verdict and police use of deadly force, cops are on the streets monitoring the demonstrations. Consequently, U2 and Live Nation says there is not enough security to hold their Saturday night show as scheduled.

The concert, part of “The Joshua Tree Tour,” was slated to take place at The Dome at America’s Center. But this morning, the band and the concert promoter “regrettably” released a joint statement saying, “We have been informed by the St. Louis Police Department that they are not in a position to provide the standard protection for our audience as would be expected for an event of this size. We have also been informed that local crowd security personnel would not be at full capacity. In light of this information, we cannot in good conscience risk our fans’ safety by proceeding with tonight’s concert. As much as we regret having to cancel, we feel it is the only acceptable course of action in the current environment.”

Nothing was said about rescheduling the show, and fans will be able to get refunds. The protests, which are ongoing, have so far led to more than 20 arrests, and 10 police officers were reportedly injured on Friday night, though many, of course, are also demonstrating peacefully. And on Twitter, a number of people are sounding off on the decision to cancel the concert. A user with the handle @DrunkRedbirdFan, for instance, posted, “U2 canceling? They could have used the platform to bring unity and hope to a city and country that needs it. #U2 #STLVerdict.”

@MarkReardonKMOX, a St. Louis Radio host, expressed his dissatisfaction by writing, “@U2 cancelling is a victory for the radicals. Congratulations.” @Mina_UK said, “Bono’s a social activist. I hope @U2 comes out to support those in the STL community hurting from the decision. #onelove #carryeachother.” @yrofcreation posted, “U2 concert canceled in #STL tonight. The #STLVerdict just got real for a bunch of white people. #Stockley #resist.” @charlesjaco1 observed, “U2 cancels tonight’s St Louis concert b/c not enough cops to provide proper security. The same cops whose actions sparked the protests.”

@RachWhittBarnes tweeted to the group, “@U2 Since you’re free tonight, I hope you’ll join in the protest at 5pm downtown. I’m sad to miss a show, but this is more important.” @isk9 argued, “People in St. Louis are bitching because U2 canceled their show tonight? Get over yourselves, a cop got away with murder. Be pissed at that.” Still, others were dealing with logistical issues. @sparks4kids told the band, “We never received an email from Ticketmaster saying show was canceled but did receive an email about which entrance to use. #u2Stlouis.” @atu2comSherry also pointed out, “@Ticketmaster needs to catch up w/U2’s cancellation announcement – it seems tix holders haven’t been directly notified.”

“Feel just awful for all the #u2fam missing out on the gig In StLouis. Especially ones that this was only show. But #u2 had no choice,” commented @thedoorsdf71. @MeganClontz17 shared, “Sorry that this had to happen for those of you planning on going. I was gonna see @HunterHayes in 2014 but he canceled because of Ferguson.” And @theHorizon74 stated, “I understand the decision totally! I’m so sorry for all the fans….but safety first! Be careful.” U2 is pictured above at a Detroit concert earlier this month.

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