Fans React: Tom Brady Winningest Quarterback In NFL History

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Reaction Tom Brady Winningest Quarterback

By Michael Lewittes |

Reaction Tom Brady Winningest Quarterback

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Fans are reacting to Tom Brady becoming the winningest quarterback in NFL history, with 201 victories. On Sunday, Brady passed Peyton Manning, the previous title holder for the most wins. The New England Patriots quarterback set the record with a 26-10 win over the Los Angeles Rams at Gillette Stadium in Foxborough, Massachusetts. Along the way, he’s has also won four Super Bowls. See fan reaction to Brady setting the record for most wins.

One Twitter user with the handle @himynameisMIM begrudgingly wrote, “Still hate the Patriots but congrats to Tom Brady. What an accomplishment.” “Tom Brady is the greatest football player to ever live. No ifs ands or buts,” expressed @cabralj28. A person with the account name @Texanbychoice1 offered, “Huge congratulations to Tom Brady! 201 wins as an NFL QB is absolutely incredible.” And the number three winningest quarterback Brett Favre tweeted, “Huge congratulations to Tom Brady! 201 wins as an NFL QB is absolutely incredible.”

“Tom Brady All-Time leader in wins by a quarterback (201). Continuing to build that Hall of Fame resume,” noted @DagoRubi, who used the hashtag “#GOAT,” which stands for “greatest of all time.” Another user named ‏@ParkerArend similarly stated, “Tom Brady is the GOAT.” Meanwhile, @Samantha_Caruso exclaimed, “Congrats to the GOAT Tom Brady on becoming the most winningest quarterback of all time !! #201.” And @TheOriginalRyan felt, “Can’t even argue no more. Tom Brady the best ever.”

A user with the name @shelleyL0506 wrote, “Congratulations to Tom Brady u deserve it.” “Congratulations to Tom Brady aka The Goat on being the winningest QB. Perfect example of hard work, consistency, passion and desire. #Pats,” added @JuanDaGV. And while @VEKC18 shared, “There isn’t even a debate anymore, right? Like, there’s no question. Tom Brady: #GOAT,” one detractor with the handle @SarcasticIntent tweeted, “They say cheaters never win but clearly Tom Brady is exempt from that rule.” Still, ‏@RIprobz stated, “Tom Brady is the greatest of all time. The end.”


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