Fans Mock Tim Tebow’s Baseball Career Pursuit

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Tim Tebow Baseball Fans React

By Andrew Shuster |

Tim Tebow Baseball Fans React

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Tim Tebow is pursuing a career in Major League Baseball, it was announced on Tuesday. Fans are now mocking and reacting to the news that the former NFL quarterback wants to return to professional sports in a new capacity. See fan Twitter reactions below!

One person wants the entire endeavor televised, tweeting, “Tim Tebow’s MLB tryout has reality show written all over it.” Another individual wrote, “If Tim Tebow makes it to the bigs in MLB, I will pursue my dream of being an actress.” And one fan theorized, “It’s almost like Tim Tebow is sitting around asking, ‘Okay, what else could I do so that Disney would HAVE to make a movie about me?'”

Tebow is a devout Christian who has said he’s waiting until marriage to have sex, to which one person joked, “It’s odd that Tim Tebow is giving baseball a chance since he’s never been past first base.” Meanwhile, another detractor pointed to another superstar athlete whose foray into baseball was less than successful, writing, “Because that worked so well for Michael Jordan.” Meanwhile, one Twitter user offered, “This is bizarre and reeks of desperation,” while another believed the announcement to be “a publicity stunt if I’ve ever seen one.”

“Tim Tebow needs to stick with one team in one sport, I’m spending too much money on jerseys and merch,” griped one fan. Another user added, “Tim Tebow will not rest until he is terribly mediocre at every sport imaginable. Next up after baseball: Synchronized diving.” And another person asked, “Can we just skip straight to Tim Tebow desperately trying out for the NHL in 2022?” These are just a few of the thousands of similar tweets expressing doubt about Tebow’s baseball aspirations.

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