Fans React: Taylor Swift, Zayn Malik Song “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” (VIDEO)

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Reaction Zayn Malik Taylor Swift

By Michael Lewittes |

Reaction Zayn Malik Taylor Swift

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Fans are reacting to Taylor Swift and Zayn Malik releasing their collaboration, “I Don’t Want To Live Forever” for Fifty Shades Darker, the sequel to Fifty Shades Of Grey. Without any advance warning, on Thursday night Swift posted on her Instagram account a clip from the Jamie Dornan and Dakota Johnson film, which come out on February 10. She captioned the video, “#fiftyshadesdarker #idontwannaliveforever.” Malik also posted on social media the hashtag, #idontwannaliveforever.” Now fans are sharing their reactions to the song, which was immediately hit number one on iTunes. See the clip below.

One fan named @drayIor tweeted, “I CANT BREATHE OMG SHE LITERALLY CAME OUT OF NO WHERE #fiftyshadesdarker #idontwannaliveforever.” “FREAKING!!! OUT!!!” exclaimed @SwiftBulletin, who also added the hashtags. And @harrysbabylouis expressed, “If someone told me Zayn and Taylor Swift would one day make a song for the fifty shades of grey sequel i would’ve laughed.” “Zayn and Taylor Swift is the strangest collab but this song is so freaking amazing,” added ‏@nadia_garciacx.

“I said a Zayn and Taylor collab would be weird but I ate my words bc I’ve listened to this song at least 4 times,” revealed ‏@shimmercontour. Meanwhile, referring to their exes, Harry Styles and Perrie Edwards, @growthisrose joked, “if zayn and taylor collab does that mean we’ll get a perrie and harry collab soon.” A fan with the handle @1DinCA echoed the sentiment of many when noting, “I didn’t see a zayn and Taylor collab coming at all like I’m shook right now.”

Meanwhile, ‏@tomlindani tweeted, “Zayn and Taylor are the last people I would of picked to do a collab.” And ‏@Ietsgohavefun similarly tweeted, “uh zayn and taylor swift have a song together for the fifty shades movie..a sentence i never thought i’d hear or say.” Check out the clip below that Swift shared of her and Zayn Malik’s song, “I Don’t Wanna Live Forever.” NOTE: The video is no longer available.


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