Fans React: Taylor Swift, Tom Hiddleston Split

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Fans React Taylor Swift Split Tom Hiddleston

By Andrew Shuster |

Fans React Taylor Swift Split Tom Hiddleston

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Taylor Swift and Tom Hiddleston have split, and fans are now reacting to the breakup news. See fan reactions below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Swift split from Hiddleston after three months of dating because she was reportedly tired of the public scrutiny surrounding their relationship, and wanted to keep the romance more low-key than the actor did. Of course, fans of both the actor and singer are now weighing in on Twitter about their breakup. One person joked, “Kids back to school, the NFL is back, Taylor Swift breaking up, it’s that time of year.” And another person added, “Hiddleston and Swift have split, just as Nostradamus predicted.”

One Twitter user quipped, “My wife just asked me to take the garbage out as if this Taylor swift/Tom Hiddleston news didn’t just tear my world apart.” One curious fan asked, “Do you think Taylor Swift listens to Adele after a breakup too?” And another person wrote, “Taylor Swift is that girl that always wants you to know she did the dumping.”

Meanwhile, many fans referenced Swift’s penchant for writing breakup songs, and predicted Hiddleston would be the subject of a new anthem. “Prepare for a new Taylor Swift song, ladies and gentlemen,” offered one user. Another fan noted Swift had broken up with Calvin Harris shortly before dating Hiddleston, writing, “Now she has 2 albums to write. One for Calvin and the second one for Tom.” Another fan similarly tweeted, “2 breakups in 4 months… This is going to be the most epic Taylor Swift album ever.”

But there were also a handful of Twitter users who believed the entire relationship was nothing more than a publicity stunt. One person joked, “taylor swift’s imaginary relationship with tom hiddleston may be over but MY imaginary relationship with tom hiddleston is still GOING STRONG.” Another user said, “Taylor Swift seems like she has more fun in fake relationships than I do in 75% of my real relationships.” And another person offered, “As they say: It’s better to have fake-loved Tom Hiddleston and lost, then to never have loved Tom Hiddleston at all.”

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