Fans React: Taylor Swift Cleared, DJ David Mueller’s Lawsuit Against Singer Dismissed

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Taylor Swift Lawsuit Dismissed Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Taylor Swift Lawsuit Dismissed Reaction

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Fans are reacting after Taylor Swift was cleared on Friday in deejay David Mueller’s lawsuit against her. See reaction tweets below.

As Gossip Cop reported, the judge in the case dismissed Swift as a defendant in Mueller’s lawsuit, ruling that there is not sufficient evidence that she caused his firing from a Denver radio station. Though Swift accused him of groping her, the judge determined that she did do anything improper that directly led to his termination. This was a big, but partial victory. While throwing out the claims against Swift, the judge also ruled that her co-defendants, mom Andrea Swift and radio liaison Frank Bell, may still be held liable for Mueller’s firing. Their fate will be up to the jury, who will also decide whether Swift wins her assault and battery countersuit.

While no one from Swift’s camp has officially commented on these late-breaking decisions, fans on Twitter have plenty of thoughts on the turn of events. @capstriplet expressed, “miss taylor swift is incredible. i’m so glad i openly stan her.” @swiftcat similarly said, “i’m so proud to have taylor, as well as the whole swift family, as my role models. i stan the right person/s.” @caruddy simply exclaimed, “Yeah! Justice!”

“Admiring Taylor Swift for speaking out against yet another man who thinks he can grope a woman and pretend it’s harmless fun. #standup,” tweeted @Monique_nz. An incredulous @1989motions posted, “This f*cking idiot really thought he could have the indecency of grab Taylor Swift’s ass and then receive a 3 million dollars prize for it?” @jaciekay also said, “I’m not a Taylor Swift fangirl but as a woman (& human being) I fully support her right NOT to be groped. #TaylorSwiftTrial #NotAskingForIt.”

And @MarloPerry wrote, “Not the biggest fan of Taylor Swift but I’m so enjoying the fact she is suing a man for $1 and the message it’s sending.” Still, with the case not over, a few people also expressed concern for what will happen next. “Can the jury pull through for Andrea and Taylor?” asked @lyricparallels. @JessiKaSwift13 shared, “I’m so happy for Taylor honestly but my hearts breaking for Andrea.” @thislcvets actually said, “keep your filthy hands off of andrea swift she deserves the world.”

@MikeKonopasek also opined, “Leave Andrea alone. And who cares about Mueller’s employment contract? We want him to pay for groping Taylor. That’s what we care about.” Swift has also received support from a variety of celebrities on social media, from Lena Dunham and Shonda Rhimes to George Takei and James Woods.

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