Fans React: Ryan Seacrest Hosting “American Idol” Reboot

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Ryan Seacrest American Idol Reaction

By Shari Weiss |

Ryan Seacrest American Idol Reaction


It’s official: Seacrest is in. On Thursday, it was announced Ryan Seacrest has officially signed on to host the “American Idol” reboot. Check out video and Twitter reaction tweets from fans below!

As Gossip Cop reported, it was revealed in May that ABC was reviving “Idol,” previously Fox’s hit music competition, even though the reality show only ended in 2016. Katy Perry was the first judge to join “American Idol” for the program’s return, and so far remains the only judge. For the last two months, though, speculation has swirled as to whether Seacrest would return as the emcee.

Minutes before Thursday’s “Live With Kelly And Ryan,” Seacrest tweeted, “Got some big news I can’t wait to share. Flip on @LiveKellyRyan right now :).” As it turned out, it was Kelly Ripa who made the actual announcement. “Is it okay if I announce this big news?” she asked. “I’ve been waiting and waiting. We’ve been talking about it for a little while, but I am happy to confirm — I can confirm with absolute confirmation — that Ryan Seacrest is returning [as] the host of ‘American Idol.'”

Seacrest himself confirmed, “Absolutely. Without a doubt.” The news immediately lit up Twitter, with fan @Fitz21R_ tweeting, ” Congratulations Ryan, on returning as host of @AmericanIdol so happy and exciting news this morning on @LiveKellyRyan.” A person with the handle @HachiTATSU wrote in all-caps, “RYAN SEACREST IS STILL HOSTING AMERICAN IDOL GOD BLESS. HALLELUJAH. LIFE IS FAIR. LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL. I’M ALIVE.” And @tami_fowler775 posted, “Ryan Seacrest will be the AI host again! #seacrestisthebest #americanidol.”

“Well really if there wasn’t some piece of the original Idol I’d just see it as a terrible knockoff. Welcome home Mr. Seacrest,” tweeted @OutofTownie23. Others, however, were less enthused. A user named @DenicioTalks said, “Like a new American Idol could be created without Ryan Seacrest. Yeah… Ok.” And @ginanjadelis sarcastically remarked, “Ryan Seacrest is going to be the American idol host. I’m shocked really. What a pick.”

Additionally, @luka_1984 actually tweeted, “enough of Ryan seacrest! ppl are sick of him. Time for something new. hes hosting American idol.What are we in 2004 again lol.” And, while waiting for Harry Styles’ interview on “On Air With Ryan Seacrest” this morning, @tuskstyles posted, “we dont care about ryan seacrest hosting american idol we wanna hear harry.” Well, regardless of any naysayers, the “Idol” reboot will premiere in 2018.

And Perry is excited. She tweeted, “I’m spicy, @RyanSeacrest is seasoned! All the right ingredients are coming together on @AmericanIdol. Have YOU auditioned? #TheNextIdol.” Seacrest also posted, “Reuniting with an old flame. So excited to see u again :)” Watch the announcement video below.

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