Fans React: Ryan Lochte Lying About Rio Robbery Because He Was “Drunk” And “Immature”

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Ryan Lochte Matt Lauer Interview Fans React

By Michael Lewittes |

Ryan Lochte Matt Lauer Interview Fans React

(NBC News)

Fans are reacting to Ryan Lochte telling Matt Lauer in a new interview that he lied about being robbed in Rio because he’s “immature” and was still drunk the next morning when speaking to NBC’s Billy Bush. For the most part, most of the reactions are not positive or supportive of Lochte.

In the interview with Lauer, which aired during Saturday night’s Olympics and will be rebroadcast with more footage on Monday’s “Today” show, Lochte said he “left details out, and that’s why I’m in this mess.” He explained, “I was still intoxicated [when taking to Bush]. I’m not making that an excuse.” He added, “None of this would have happened” if he hadn’t gotten drunk.”

The Olympian, however, would not concede to Lauer that as opposed to painting himself initially as a “victim,” he was in fact a “vandal,” who ripped down a sign in a Rio gas station, which prompted an attendant to pull a gun of him and three other swimmers until they paid for the damage. Lochte said, “It’s how you want to make it look like… Whether you call it a robbery or extortion or us paying just for the damages. All we know was there was a gun pointed in our direction and we were demanded to give money.” Lochte further stated he “over-exaggerated” the situation.

At one point in the interview, Lochte began to tear up when acknowledging that he had “let my team down” by bolting from Brazil as fellow swimmers Gunnar Bentz, Jack Conger, and James Feign were questioned by authorities in Rio. He told Lauer that now he’s “taking full responsibility” for his actions, and this international incident wouldn’t have occurred if it weren’t for “my immature behavior… I’m just I’m embarrassed.”

Not surprisingly, fans and others alike on Twitter have been weighing in, and the overwhelming majority isn’t accepting Lochte’s apology. In regard to the terminology used by the swimmer, one person noted, “I need someone to explain to Ryan Lochte that ‘over-exaggerated’ IS NOT A WORD.” Another user similarly said, “That’s not an apology. And ‘Over-exaggerated’ isn’t a word. If ‘I exaggerated’ isn’t enough, say what you really mean: ‘I lied’.” And another person added, “No, no. You told a LIE, Ryan. It’s not ‘over-exaggeration’. It’s called LYING.”

“Watching Lochte w Matt Lauer. wow. Lochte looks even worse, like a total dope and liar and fraud,” wrote one person. Another user mocked Lochte for tearing up during his interview, joking, “Cry me a river & then swim in it.” One person wasn’t happy the Olympian only acknowledged letting down his “team,” saying, “He let Americans down… He let the human race down by promoting a vicious stereotype with his selfish lies.”

Meanwhile, one person believed Lochte was only apologizing because “he is worried about sponsors,” and added, “Too late buddy your career is toast.” And some people felt the disgraced Olympian is being overexposed in the news. “Stop giving him his 15 min. Move on. He’s a bum,” wrote one user. Another added, “Enough of this. He is an immature, self-absorbed brat that does not deserve all the attention he is getting.” These are just a few of the many unfavorable Twitter reactions to Lochte’s interview with Lauer.

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