Fans React: New Prince Song “Moonbeam Levels”

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Reaction Prince new song

By Holly Nicol |

Reaction Prince new song

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Prince’s Paisely Park estate released a new song, “Moonbeam Levels,” the first single since the singer died earlier this year, and fans are now reacting to the track on Twitter. The song is included on a brand new 40-track compilation of the singer’s greatest hits, “Prince 4Ever.” See fan reactions as well as listen to the song below!

One Twitter user wrote, “Tuesday, politics, work… meh. THERE’S A NEW @prince SONG, YA’LL! #MoonbeamLevels #Yay.” Another fan wrote, “#MoonbeamLevels sounds so good! Makes me miss @prince so much more!” One person expressed, “A single and radio release of ‘Moonbeam Levels’ should be a no-brainer!” And yet another added, “LOVING this Prince. Made my crappy day shine #MOONBEAMLEVELS.”

One fan on Twitter offered, “#Prince4Ever #MoonbeamLevels is fabulous.” Another admirer expressed, “Just heard @prince’s #MoonbeamLevels. So good! Makes me so excited to get #Prince4Ever!” And one more fan tweeted, “Moonbeam Levels is so relevant right now.” Another user added, “Why isn’t twitter talking about the new Prince song I got the CHILLS.” And another fan noted, “Just heard the new #prince song on @TheCurrent. Dang… there will never be another like him. #Prince4Ever.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more fans react to the official release of Prince’s new song, “Moonbeam Levels.”


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