Fans React: Leslie Jones Nude Photos Hacked, Leaked On Website

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Leslie Jones Hacked Nude Photos Fans React

By Andrew Shuster |

Leslie Jones Hacked Nude Photos Fans React

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Leslie Jones’s website was hacked Wednesday, with nude photos and personal documents leaked. Fans are now reacting to the invasion of privacy and pouring support for the comedienne on Twitter. See fan reactions below.

As Gossip Cop reported, explicit nude photos of Jones seemingly having sex emerged on her site, in addition to screenshots of her driver’s license and passport. Also included in the leak were pictures of Jones taking selfies with various celebrities, and a YouTube video featuring Harambe the gorilla. The video was seemingly in reference to Jones’s confrontation earlier this year with racist Twitter trolls who compared her to the famous gorilla that was killed at the Cincinnati Zoo.

Fans on Twitter are now standing up for Jones amid this latest Internet attack. One person wrote, “I hate the way leslie jones is being treated. I hate it so much.” Another user added, “Never know what to say in these situations other then leslie jones deserves respect and kindness.” And one fan conveyed, “Leslie Jones is strong as hell and will rise above this but she shouldn’t have to. This is horrific.”

One person pointed out that Jones already dealt with the social media trolls earlier this year, saying, “Leslie Jones had the nerve to rise above being targeted and bullied so they’re going at her even harder. I hate the internet sometimes.” Another user tweeted, “Leslie Jones is a gift to the world. Nobody deserves this but especially not her. Whoever is responsible is a pure scum,” while another person similarly wrote, “The person who hacked Leslie Jones is a monster.”

Meanwhile, a few fans noted that this backlash against Jones is a direct result of her simply co-starring in the female Ghostbusters reboot. “The blatantly racist/misogynistic treatment that Leslie Jones has received is absolutely horrifying. All she did was play a role in a movie,” said one person. Another user added, “Casual reminder that all of this started because Leslie Jones was Black & female in a movie.” And another fan expressed, “Leslie Jones is a hilarious major talent. But racism and sexism are alive and well. There is no other explanation.” These are just a few of the many tweets showing support for Jones in light of her nude photos being hacked.


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