#JustinReactivatedParty: Fans React After Justin Bieber Returns To Instagram

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Justin Bieber Reactivated Instagram

By Shari Weiss |

Justin Bieber Reactivated Instagram

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UPDATE: Justin Bieber says he’s NOT back on Instagram.

Justin Bieber returned to Instagram on Monday, nearly two weeks after seemingly quitting the social media site. Now “#JustinReactivatedParty” is trending on Twitter, as fans react to the news.

As Gossip Cop reported, “#JustinDeactivatedParty” was a trending topic when Bieber seemingly deleted his Instagram account earlier this month. The move came after he threatened to make his page private in response to hateful messages directed towards him and Sofia Richie. Once he seemed to delete the account all together, haters and even some fans rejoiced, slamming the superstar for seemingly choosing Richie over them.

But in the early hours of Monday morning, Bieber’s @JustinBieber page became active again, with all the posts he had before still appearing. During the downtime, he lost millions of followers, going from over 80 million to 77.8 million. Still, Beliebers are now celebrating his return, even though he hasn’t posted any new content yet.

@Eleanorauhl13 tweeted, “#JustinReactivatedParty now this is one I’m attending!” @ThaBieberCrew declared, “THE KING IS BACK.” Referring to Bieber’s dog, @purposehoIy said, “we’re getting new pics of Todd soon it’s LIT.” And @hairspraybieber admitted, “I’m just happy I can see his hot shirtless selfies again.”

‏”I know whatever happened in the last few weeks was annoying but can we be happy for today that he is back again,” said @sonamlovesbiebs. @PurposeX4OU advised, “if you don’t like the picture just keep scrolling, don’t comment and piss him off again.” @nintenohno also commented, “Not really a fan but I’m glad he’s back.”

Meanwhile, ‏@purposehoIy expressed a mixed reaction, writing, “im glad we’re gonna get more selfies but Justin can keep those 70 page long rants to himself.” And many continued to criticize Bieber, calling his deactivation “childish,” questioning whether he returned because he didn’t win any VMAs on Sunday, and insulting Richie.

@___allthelove remarked, “Ya’ll tweeted before your done with him and now your praising him for being back on ig?” @fIashcanary tweeted, “i can’t wait for the next drama who drags him to deactivate again.” And @journalsfire snarked, “He just needs to promote someting because he needs money.” Gossip Cop has reached out to a rep for comment.

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