Fans React: “Justice League” Trailer

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Justice League Trailer

By Shari Weiss |

Justice League Trailer

(Warner Bros.)

Fans are reacting to the first full trailer for Justice League, which was released on Saturday. Check out the reaction tweets and watch the video below!

A teaser trailer for Justice League was previously unveiled at Comic-Con last summer. This new extended look at the upcoming superhero has much more footage of the characters in action, including Ben Affleck’s Batman, Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman, Jason Momoa’s Aquaman and Ezra Miller’s The Flash. The trailer was teased with preview clips over the last few days, but now fans have much more to obsess over… or criticize.

@dceufacts exclaimed, “Well, #JusticeLeague looks amazing! Thank you, @ZackSnyder.” A pleased @AwesomEmergency said, “I feel like the #JusticeLeague trailer totally addresses all the fandom feedback after BvS, so giant.” @GBRIELGRY also praised, “Obviously Zack Snyder’s visuals are phenomenal, he really is second to none in that department. The DC fire rises brothers. #JusticeLeague.”

And @TQuill announced, “Well, add #JusticeLeague to the list of ‘IMAX Opening Night’ movies.” Other fanboys and girls weren’t as thrilled. @madgunner_kam07 admitted, “#JusticeLeague Well to b honest…I’m not diggin it. It looks like a continuation of Snyder’s super-sh*t #GREY & #ORANGE CGI f*ckfest. #sad. @juanmiggreviews actually wrote, “#JusticeLeague trailer was awful. Bland, hollow, lifeless, somehow a trailer filed with action was so boring. Color grading and CGI bad too..”

@kin0k0hatake commented, “Not saying the #JusticeLeague movie looks BAD but it does look just like BvS which WAS bad so…” @ikhughes96 asked, “Anyone else slightly disappointed in the #JusticeLeague trailer? Because I feel like it could have been better.” With Henry Cavill MIA from the trailer, @ChelseaBaines also wondered, “Am I the only one who’s a little bit disappointed that we didn’t get a superman tease during the #JusticeLeague trailer?”

Even Taran Killam posted, “All you had to do, final shot: heroes lined up, backs to us, huge enemy ship approaching…Superman lands hard, red cap fills the screen.” But another famous fan is quite excited. Kevin Smith tweeted, “JUSTICE is coming! And after seeing all those PARADEMONS, I’m coming right along with it!”

Justice League is slated to hit theaters on November 17, and more previews should debut before then. Check out the full trailer below!

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