Fans React: Judge Wapner Dead

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Reaction Judge Wagner Dead

By Holly Nicol |

Reaction Judge Wagner Dead

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Fans are reacting to the news that Judge Joseph Wapner is dead. The straight-shooting judge on “The People’s Court” died at the age of 97. See reaction tweets to his death below.

Wapner was hospitalized last week after suffering from breathing problems, Gossip Cop has learned. He returned home on Friday, but died on Sunday morning after his condition worsened. The retired judge presided over “The People’s Court” from 1981 1o 1993. Prior to becoming the first reality TV judge, Wapner sat on the Los Angeles County Superior Court for two decades.

One Twitter user wrote, “First Bill Paxton, and now Judge Wapner died. Today sucks.” Another user tweeted, “RIP to Judge Wapner. Your People’s Court was a memorable piece in the lives of many.” And an account holder with the handle @puffwoody shared, “The first tv judge who started it all, Judge Wapner, has died. RIP.”

Meanwhile, @redbirdfan1980 offered, “Watched the People’s Court everyday after school. Judge Judy’s got nothing on you. RIP Judge Wapner #thepeoplescourt.” Another fan said, “Judge Wapner.. Used to watch all the time… RIP your honor.” And a user with the handle @KrisZim77 wrote, “Looking back on my youth, it’s strange I was so into #PeoplesCourt at 8 years old. RIP Judge Wapner…very well the pioneer of reality TV.”

Another Twitter user stated, “Ah, man … not Judge Wapner. Thoughts and prayers to his Honor’s family & Friends. #RIP.” “Used to watch Judge Wapner with my grandmother, who would threaten to put me on the People’s Court if I didn’t listen to her. RIP,” shared one fan. And @Evan76FGrace expressed, “Awww…RIP Judge Wapner! I used to watch People’s Court with my grandma and I loved him!” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more fans react to the death of Judge Wapner.

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