Fans React To Jennifer Aniston And Justin Theroux Getting Married – See Wedding Reactions

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fans react Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux married

By Minyvonne Burke |

fans react Jennifer Aniston Justin Theroux married

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Jennifer Aniston and Justin Theroux got married on Wednesday night, as Gossip Cop confirmed earlier, and now fans are flooding Twitter with congratulatory messages. The Hollywood stars, who have been engaged since August 2012, wed in a secret ceremony at their Los Angeles home. Celebrity guests at the surprise nuptials, as Gossip Cop noted, included Aniston’s longtime pal Chelsea Handler, Emily Blunt and John Krasinski, Lisa Kudrow, Ellen DeGeneres, Sia, and Howard Stern. See fan reactions below.

Former “Bachelor” contestant Becca Tilley was among the first to send the newlyweds her well wishes, writing, “IT FEELS LIKE MY BEST FRIEND GOT MARRIED!!!!!!” Other fans soon followed. Twitter user notxjenxaniston, tweeted, “HYPHEN OR NO HYPHEN?!? Aniston-Theroux Or Aniston Theroux Or JUST THEROX OMG IMAGINE.” Fan Carlyh0bbs wrote, “Thank God Jennifer Aniston found love again, I’m feeling much more optimistic about my chances.” And RedisMyPassion noted, “Aaaaaah, so happy for my favourite actress #JenniferAniston.”

Another fan with the Twitter handle Free2wander posted, “Daaaaanggg someone finally took Jennifer Aniston off the market.” Noting how this week has been full of shocking celebrity splits, Xpaubynature tweeted, “jennifer aniston getting married is the best silver lining amid this time of celebrity breakups, i’m sooo happy for her.” Twitter user MargaretClancy jokingly posted, “Note to Ben Affleck: In your quest for a new ‘Jennifer’, please note Jennifer Aniston is now married. Hands off!”

Continuing the celebratory tweets, Morrillaniston wrote, “I CANNOT EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE HOW HAPPY I AM, THEY DESERVE EACHOTHER #JUSTIFER #JenniferAniston #jenniferanistonismarried.” A fan named JamieLedgard felt, “Jennifer Aniston is finally married! There is hope for all haha.” User Famgilmore wrote that Aniston could “make a rom-con based around her own life story!” She added, “Congratulations to her and Justin Theroux.” Mluzada expressed that she was so happy about the news that she was going to “dance and celebrate in happiness.” And LauraRam noted, “Jennifer Aniston is married I’M SO HAPPY.”

Haleigh824, commented, “Jen Aniston is married. Can you imagine being the guy that gets to marry Jennifer Aniston? Shes been THE heartthrob for 20years & shes yours.” Meanwhile TLynne317 said, “THANK YOU #JenniferAniston for getting married and making Hollywood love alive again.” Another Twitter who goes by Chelsr0se simply wrote, “IT’S OFFICIAL!!!! #JenniferAniston and #JustinTheroux are MARRIED!!! I am so happy for her! For them!!! Omg. I am jumping for joy! So happy!”

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