Fans React: Chris Brown In Police Standoff After Allegedly Pulling Gun On Woman

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Chris Brown Police Gun Fans React

By Andrew Shuster |

Chris Brown Police Gun Fans React

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Chris Brown got into a police standoff on Tuesday after an unidentified woman called 911 from the rapper’s Los Angeles home, claiming Brown threatened her with a gun. Fans are now reacting to the situation. See Twitter reactions below.

As Gossip Cop reported, Brown slammed the cops during an Instagram rant recorded from inside his house while the authorities were gathered outside. The rapper denied the allegation that he pulled a gun on a woman and insisted he wasn’t allowing the police inside his residence until they obtained a warrant. It was later reported that cops retrieved a gun and drugs from a duffel bag the rapper threw out the window of his home.

Many of Brown’s fans have now taken to Twitter to defend the rapper. One person wrote, “Here we go again. Another groupie lying about Chris Brown. This happens every month! The sad thing is everybody is gonna believe it!” Another fan said, “It’s crazy how ungrateful people are! Chris Brown is a living legend and y’all take him for granted like he not.”

Meanwhile, one user implored, “Let Chris Brown live man,” while another added, “People just won’t leave Chris Brown alone. Smh.” And one fan expressed, “I just want Chris Brown to get his life together so he can continue blessing us with dope music.”

But Brown had his detractors as well, with some slamming him over his latest brush with the law. One person tweeted, “There is no one better than Chris Brown at making poor decisions.” Another user wrote, “Chris brown fans will defend anything he does smh,” and another said, “Anytime I see Chris Brown trending it can’t be a good thing.” Meanwhile, one critic offered, “Chris Brown could Slap yall momma and you would still find a way to defend him. Thats Sad.” Gossip Cop will update as this situation develops.

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