Fans React To Chris Brown Fights With Karrueche Tran

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Chris Brown Karrueche Tran Fans React Fight

By James Crugnale |

Chris Brown Karrueche Tran Fans React Fight

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Chris Brown’s latest fights with Karrueche Tran have drawn a lot of reactions from fans on social media. As Gossip Cop previously reported, the singer had a number of arguments with Tran after leaving Playhouse nightclub together in L.A. on Thursday, first forcing his way into her car and then later showing up at her home.

The majority of commenters criticized Brown’s actions, saying he has nobody to blame but himself. A Twitter user named @viafashionave, wrote, “I would’ve slapped the sh*t out of Chris Brown,” adding, “Get your creepy a** out of my car.” Another user named @RaijinPapi tweeted, “She moved on fam, it’s over.” A user with the handle @aurosan felt, “Chris Brown is bold enough to act this way when cameras are rolling, imagine what he does to women when they’re alone, so scary, lock him up.” Meanwhile, someone who goes by @DShaw365 said, “Chris Brown is a textbook abuser and y’all really out here saying ‘well he’s in love.'”

Not surprisingly, Brown’s fans, known as Team Breezy, defended the singer and blamed the media for blowing the fights out of proportion. A user named @MrHitThat_2 exclaimed, “The Man Chris Brown just trying to get his girl Back, let that man Live.” Another fan named @dino_brown added, “The media blow everything Chris Brown do outta proportion now.” And @RealKhalilU tweeted, “Chris Brown is not playin, he want his baby back.”

Other Brown fans were truly worried about the singer, expressing that he needs help, rather than being torn down on social media. “#TeamBreezy all day every day but I think Chris Brown has some deep rooted mental health issues. And he’s had them for a while,” a Twitter user named @tosin_GoodTimes wrote. “Chris Brown is so talented, man,” tweeted @RyanFrazier_, adding, “I hope he finds a way to keep his calm and stay out of the media.” What do you think of the social media reaction to Chris Brown’s fight with Karreuche Tran?


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