Cheryl Cole Baby Bump Photo With Liam Payne – Fans React

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Cheryl Cole Baby Bump

By Holly Nicol |

Cheryl Cole Baby Bump

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Cheryl Cole and Liam Payne stepped out on Tuesday to attend the St. James Christmas Carol Concert in London, prompting fans to react to what appears to be a noticeable baby bump. While neither of their reps will confirm the singer is pregnant, fans are reacting on Twitter to pictures of her clearly growing baby bump (at right). See fan reaction below.

One fan wrote, “Ok but in all honestly Liam and Cheryl are gonna be the best parents ever. Liam will be so cute and Cheryl will just be all awwww.” Another user tweeted, “Liam and Cheryl’s baby is going to be the most beautiful baby ever they both look like angels!” “I’m happy for Liam and Cheryl they’ve kept it between themselves and it’s lovely to see, unlike some who publicise the sh*t out of it,” expressed a supporter. And another fan joked, “okay but 6 years ago 1D were babies and now they’re HAVING BABIES??? it’s almost like they’re… adults??? wow!”

Meanwhile, one person argued, “It’s not that I’m not happy for Liam and Cheryl but c’mon isn’t it too early for a baby?” One user, however, had a message for those bashing the unborn child, writing, “Even if you don’t support Liam and Cheryl, don’t hate on the baby. It’s pure and innocent and deserves all the love we can give!” Another person similarly expressed, “It’s fine if you don’t support Liam & Cheryl, but don’t hate on the baby. He/she’s innocent and doesn’t deserve it.” Gossip Cop will continue to update as more fans react to the pictures of Cole sporting what appears to be a baby bump.


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