Fans React: Ben Affleck Teases Deathstroke As DC Movie Villain

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Fans React Ben Affleck Deathstroke

By Andrew Shuster |

Fans React Ben Affleck Deathstroke

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Ben Affleck teased the arrival of comic book villain Deathstroke to the DC movie universe on Monday, and fans on social media are unable to contain their excitement. See Twitter reactions below!

The actor shared around 30 seconds of test footage featuring the character Deathstroke, an assassin and nemesis of Batman’s. Affleck is presumably hinting (if not flat out revealing) that the villain will appear in an upcoming DC movie, but it isn’t clear which one. Some are speculating he’ll be the main villain in 2017’s Justice League, but it’s also being reported that the character will instead show up in Affleck’s solo Batman movie, which he’s also directing and co-writing.

Regardless of when and how Deathstroke materializes, comic book fans are ecstatic about the prospect of seeing the DC character on the big screen for the first time. One Twitter user wrote, “I just saw this and no joke legitimately near peed myself.” Another person said, “You thought it’d just be an ordinary boring Monday. @BenAffleck had other ideas. #Deathstroke.” And one fan wrote, “Holy crap, @BenAffleck just showed Deathstroke test footage. This is an early Christmas, couldn’t be more hyped.”

One fan was particularly happy that one of Batman’s former on-screen enemies isn’t being recycled again, saying, “Props to Affleck making Deathstroke the main villain. New blood! No more retreads of joker, 2face, penguin etc.” Another person tried to guess the identity of the actor in the suit, asking, “Is Matt Damon under there?” And also in regard to actors, one person noted, ” Everyone is excited about #Deathstroke in the #Batman movie. That is until the casting comes out. Then the backlash rage begins.”

Of course, Affleck was the target of a ton of social media backlash when his casting as Batman was first announced. In reference to the online hate the actor received, one person said, “Man, @BenAffleck becomes an instant LEGEND in my books if this Deathstroke clip means NOTHING and is just him doing some revenge trolling!” And another fan who was presumably disappointed with previous DC films like Batman v. Superman and Suicide Squad expressed, “Ben Affleck’s Batman movie is the last hope I have for the DCEU. I’m glad he’s going with Deathstroke. I think that’s great news.” Check out Affleck’s Deathstroke footage below!

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