Fake Prince Death Photos Disgustingly Recreated By National Enquirer

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Prince Death Photos Fake

By Gossip Cop Staff |

Prince Death Photos Fake

(National Enquirer)

The National Enquirer sunk to a new low on Wednesday, publishing its new issue with purported photos from Prince’s death. While it would be no better if the pictures were real, these are actually fake photo recreations from a despicable tabloid hell-bent on exploiting the superstar’s passing.

The bottom-feeding outlet’s new cover blares, “Prince Death Overdose Caught On Video!” The new edition further declares, “Security Cameras Capture Final Moments.” And that second headline points to three grainy, black and white shots splashed on the magazine’s cover showing a man resembling Prince lying in an elevator.

It would be understandable if readers assumed these were actual photos or footage from when Prince was found dead. That is, after all, the supermarket tabloid’s hope. The National Enquirer is trying to trick readers into buying this week’s issue by making it appear as if it obtained authentic pictures. The manipulation is only made clear with tiny print saying “photo re-creation” along the magazine’s spine.

The accompanying story inside the publication is no better, with even more fake photos designed to support various unconfirmed theories about Prince’s death. It’s disgusting. And Gossip Cop can’t even decide which is worse: When the National Enquirer tries to peddle sham pictures like this… or when it actually publishes real, invasive photos from a celebrity’s death.

Because, yes, the gossip rag has done that, too. Gossip Cop previously called out the outlet for a 2012 issue that featured a picture of a lifeless Whitney Houston lying in her casket, and an edition just last year that showcased the last known photo of Bobbi Kristina Brown alive but laying in a hospice bed near death. Months prior, a cover story included shameful “murder” photos that had a fake Bobbi Kristina face-down in a bathtub.

Like those photo recreations, these new ones created to capitalize on Prince’s death are utterly vile. Gossip Cop urges readers to join us in condemning this type of “journalism.”


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