Truth About Faith Hill And Tim McGraw Splitting

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Tim McGraw Faith Hill marriage truth

By Griffin Matis |

Tim McGraw Faith Hill marriage truth

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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill have been married for more than two decades, and the country star couple is still going strong. Unfortunately, that hasn’t stopped the gossip media from pushing false rumors about the two splitting. Here are a few of those fake divorce stories that Gossip Cop has busted.

In October 2018, Gossip Cop busted the Globe for falsely claiming McGraw and Hill were having marriage problems over fears of McGraw relapsing. The country star gave up alcohol more than a decade ago, but the tabloid dredged up the issue regardless. “Faith threatened to send Tim packing if he didn’t get rid of alcohol and drugs in his life,” an alleged source told the outlet. “Tim didn’t want to lose his family, so he got sober. But there can always be a trigger that sends him spiraling back down again.”

The so-called insider went to claim that Hill and McGraw were fighting over a lack of communication, as well. In reality, the two were just as happy as ever. Both posted touching messages to one another on social media for their 22nd wedding anniversary that month. As Gossip Cop also noted at the time, McGraw has explicitly credited Hill for helping him recover from his struggles with alcohol.

In May, OK! published a story about McGraw and Hill being headed for divorce after years of “fights, secrets and lies.” The article incorrectly claimed the two had been “practically living separate lives for months” after trust issues supposedly drove the couple apart. “Faith made it clear that she didn’t like the idea of women throwing themselves at him at every show,” an unidentified “insider” told the magazine, “and said that she could make their time apart permanent if he was so gung-ho about leaving home.”

The source even called their marriage “beyond repair.” The story never identified the “fights, secrets or lies” it mentioned on its cover or in its headline. Gossip Cop checked with a rep for the country superstars, who dismissed the claims of marriage problems immediately. Additionally, Hill had just posted a loving birthday tribute to McGraw on social media — not exactly something expected in a “beyond repair” marriage.

Gossip Cop called out the Globe once again in July for a false report about McGraw and Hill being in the midst of a divorce battle over their fortunes. The tabloid alleged that Hill had met with divorce lawyers to find the best way to split with McGraw while keeping her personal finances safe. “With things as bad as they are between Faith and Tim,” a “source” told the magazine, “she’s instructed her lawyers to make sure she walks away with more than her share.”

The outlet was even so bold as to attach an estimated date of an impending divorce, claiming the split would happen sometime in the summer, once the couple’s three children moved out of their home. In reality, Hill and McGraw’s marriage was and is just as strong as ever. Just weeks before the Globe‘s phony story, Hill had posted a loving tribute to both McGraw and her late father for Father’s Day.

The couple’s marriage continues to be solid — just last week, McGraw himself posted a photo on Instagram of Hill on her birthday. He captioned it, “Our center… She is my wife, she is the mother of my girls, she is my best friend, my lover, my tether in the storms, I love her.” The spouses will be celebrating their 23rd wedding anniversary next week, and they have many more ahead of them regardless of how often tabloids claim otherwise.


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