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Tim McGraw and Faith Hill are headed for an "explosive" divorce? That's the outrageous claim in one tabloid this week. Gossip Cop found it to be untrue.

The Globe claims the couple is dealing with a "$167 million divorce nightmare." "Tim and Faith have been on the brink of splitting up several times, but they've always managed to pull it together for the sake of their family," a so-called "friend" of the couple tells the magazine. "With no kids as a marriage glue," the tabloid claims, the two "have been locking horns on their future."

The big issue, according to the publication, is McGraw's plan to put out a new album this summer and then go on a solo tour for it. "Tim wants his career to be his own," the source says. "He doesn't want to play concerts and have the audience yell out, 'Where's Faith!'" The other problem, adds the outlet, is that Hill "also wants to keep tabs" on her husband to keep him from plunging "back into his partying past" and relapsing.

"That's another big reason Faith wants to be out on the road with Tim," the alleged insider adds. "There's just so much temptation, and she fears Tim misses that former life when he was whoopin' it up with the boys." Meanwhile, McGraw, the source claims, resents Hill "watching him like a hawk."

With their youngest daughter about to turn 18 and move out, supposed friends "fear the glue that's held them together is gone," the insider says. And should things turn towards divorce, it's going to be messy, according to the tabloid. "Faith is incredibly strong willed, and she doesn't play the victim card," the source continues. "If she sees a point of no return in their marriage, she's going to go for what's hers."

"In many ways, she sacrificed her own career when it was at its peak to be a mother and hold the family together during Tim's darkest days," the questionable source concludes. "Tim's made a lot more money than Faith during their marriage, but Faith fully believes she's an equal partner in those earnings and that success."

While it is true that McGraw has new music in the works, it's absolutely ridiculous to think the longstanding couple is teetering on the edge of divorce. McGraw has toured solo plenty of times without Hill, so she obviously doesn't have an issue with it. McGraw even has a solo show in Oklahoma this weekend. Plus, the "Live Like You're Dying" singer hasn't stopped gushing about his wife in interviews since they got married. McGraw even recently opened up about the couple's expectations as their youngest child prepares to graduate high school.

"We love having our baby home with us and the three of us," McGraw told Taste of Country in September, "but we're looking forward to what our future holds and some time actually together without worrying about kids." Even last week, McGraw shared with Kelly Clarkson on her talk show that he's sincerely enjoying getting to work out more with his wife as they find themselves with an empty nest. The country star even mentioned that his band recorded the first song he and his wife ever performed together for their October anniversary — the first anniversary they've ever spent apart.

This latest piece is just an amalgamation of past Globe stories that Gossip Cop has already busted. This past July, the tabloid claimed McGraw and Hill were headed for a divorce over their combined fortune. Prior to that, in October 2018, the outlet incorrectly reported that Hill was going to leave McGraw over fears of him relapsing. The magazine simply combined those two narratives to create this newest, equally untrue story. This laziness reveals just how little the publication actually knows about the couple or their marriage.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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