Faith Hill and Tim McGraw NOT Getting Divorced, Despite Report (EXCLUSIVE)

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Faith Hill Tim McGraw Divorce

By Daniel Gates |

Faith Hill Tim McGraw Divorce


Faith Hill and Tim McGraw are not getting a “$120 million divorce,” despite what the cover of Star magazine says. Gossip Cop can bust the story, which claims Hill threw McGraw out amid cheating rumors and lies.

According to the outlet, after the couple’s “obvious tension” on the Oscars red carpet last month, they returned to Nashville and had a huge argument about McGraw’s “rumored cheating,” which he denied. “They had a blazing fight, and she kicked him out of the house,” says a so-called “family insider” for Star. “It’s been a long time coming, but she’s finally realized she can’t continue to live this lie. She can’t take it anymore.”

Star says Hill’s friends are “whispering” that she may soon start divorce proceedings. Of course, this is not the first time Star has said the couple was on the brink of splitting, nor is it the first time Star has spread baseless cheating rumors about McGraw. In 2013, the magazine’s cover declared she’d thrown him out and that they were getting a “$135 million divorce.” In 2014, the Star cover screamed, “Marriage From Hell” and said Hill and McGraw were splitting. And there have been similar stories in the magazine’s past. NONE of these claims was true.

Hill and McGraw stayed together then, and they’re staying together now. A rep for McGraw tells Gossip Cop exclusively the latest Star cover is “absolutely not true.” It’s time for the magazine to try another ruse.


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