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Is Faith Hill working on putting her own life story in a memoir to top the success of Tim McGraw's new book? That's one odd rumor from a tabloid this week. Gossip Cop found it to be false.

After the success of McGraw's memoir, Grit & Grace, the National Enquirer says that Hill is planning to outdo her husband with a revealing book of her own. "Faith has had an incredible life that's been every bit as dramatic and inspiring as Tim's, and she wants to tell the story from her perspective!" a supposed source tells the outlet. "Faith wants to tell everyone what they've been through in her own voice!"

The tabloid then references its previous "reporting" about the couple's "constant bickering" on their joint tour in 2017 and the fact that the two weren't photographed together for a period of time. "They were hanging by a thread over Tim's drinking and womanizing," another alleged insider adds. "Faith even had some revenge flirtations of her own — and plans to write about them in the book."

While the magazine does admit that Hill has never be unfaithful, "sources" say she did draft divorce papers at one point. The tipster further contends the singer hopes her book gives couples the inspiration they need to make it through rough patches. According to the outlet, Hill also plans to "reveal" how she once missed her chance to be a backup singer for fellow country legend Reba McEntire. "She wouldn't be here and she wouldn't be married to Tim or have these beautiful girls had she won the gig," the source concludes. "She wants people to know there's a reason for everything... and to have faith!"

Hill's official denies the claims, despite what the tabloid's unidentified sources claim. The singer has no intentions of writing her own book at the moment, especially not for the purpose of outshining her own husband. The rest of the claims are just as phony.

Gossip Cop has busted the same rumors about made-up fights between the couple, and they're still untrue. We called out Star, a sister publication of the Enquirer, for its constant "reports" about Hill and McGraw's so-called "troubled" relationship. There's a recurring narrative about McGraw's loyalty and Hill's impatience that simply doesn't match up with reality. The two are an incredible example of how successful a celebrity relationship can be, and there's no reason to question the couple's love and dedication for one another.

Plus, Hill has already extensively talked about her relationship with McEntire. In a 2006 interview with Larry King, she even shared the whole story about how she messed up her audition to be a backup singer for McEntire. The tabloid is simply dredging up old news in an attempt to pass it off as "insight" or "insider information."

Just last month, Gossip Cop published a round-up of all of the different divorce stories about the first couple of country music — and all of those false rumors originated from outlets owned by the same company that owns the Enquirer. The outlets have proven themselves to have no knowledge or legitimate insight about the couple, their marriage or even their career plans. Considering how untrue this memoir rumor is, it's safe to say that nothing has changed.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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