Explosion At Ariana Grande Manchester Concert, Police Confirm Fatalities (VIDEO)

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Explosion Ariana Grande Concert

By Michael Lewittes |

Explosion Ariana Grande Concert

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Ariana Grande had just finished performing in Manchester, England when a loud bang, which has been described as an “explosion” went off, sending concertgoers running for the exits and resulting in fatalities. It’s unclear what caused the explosive sound, but emergency crews and the police quickly descended on the Manchester Arena, where we can confirm there have been a number of deaths and serious injuries. Check out the videos below from shortly after the incident.

The Greater Manchester Police confirm to Gossip Cop that it responded to calls about an alleged “explosion,” and has since warned people to “stay away from the area.” At approximately 10:45 p.m. local time, as the audience began to file out, with many of them holding pink balloons from the concert, a loud explosion-like sound emanated from one side of the arena, causing hundreds of young fans to rush for the exits on the other side of the arena. It’s unclear what caused the loud sound. It’s also unknown, at this time, whether the deaths were from whatever caused the bang or if the stampeding from panicked fans led to the fatalities and injuries.

While not offering any more details, the police are calling it a “serious incident.” Gossip Cop is told the “loud bang” could be heard outside the arena by people living in the neighborhood. So far, Grande has not commented on the incident. Gossip Cop has also reached out to her rep. See the videos below from the aftermath of the loud bang that took place right as Grande finished her concert at the Manchester Arena.

UPDATE: While a rep for Grande has confirmed she is “okay,” police now say 19 people are confirmed dead and approximately 50 are injured. Additionally, Grande has canceled the rest of her tour.

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