Evie Clair Dad Dies Before “America’s Got Talent” Finals

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evie Clair Dad Diesevie Clair Dad Dies

By Shari Weiss |

evie Clair Dad Diesevie Clair Dad Dies


Evie Clair is mourning the death of her father, who was the inspiration for her journey on this season’s “America’s Got Talent.” Amos Abplanalp died on Thursday after being taken off life support, bringing his battle with cancer to a tragic end.

As Gossip Cop has reported, Clair revealed during her “America’s Got Talent” audition that her father was diagnosed with stage four lung cancer the year before. Though he was only given 12 months to live, he was still fighting. In fact, he attended the taping and stood on the side of the stage as she sang Christina Perri’s “Arms” in his honor. She explained to the judges, “When my dad is having rough days, I go up to his room and sing this song to help him feel better and just give him comfort and strength to continue fighting.” Moved by both her personal story and her voice, the 13-year-old received a standing ovation from the judges.

Prior to Clair singing “I Try” for her Judge Cuts performance, she revealed her dad was no longer responding to chemotherapy and his tumors had grown. She tearfully told the panelists, “A lot of things are happening right now and we don’t really know what’s gonna happen next.” Mel B, who lost her own father earlier this year, was seen crying as the teen performed. Unfortunately, as the contestant continued to have a successful run in the NBC competition, her dad’s condition only worsened.

At the live quarterfinals, the aspiring star revealed her dad was too ill to travel to Hollywood to watch her perform. All of the judges gave a standing ovation for Clair’s performance of “Wings,” after which she revealed that it happened to be her parents’ 20th wedding anniversary that very day. Most recently, just days ago, Clair dedicated her semifinals performance of “Yours” to her father, before which home movies of them played on screen. Simon Cowell, who gave a standing ovation, choked up as he told her, “Your dad is going to be so proud of you.” But what viewers didn’t know on Tuesday was that Clair’s father had been placed on life support as his organs were failing. In fact, she herself only found out after her performance.

The next day, Clair was saved from elimination on the “AGT” results show when she won the Dunkin’ Save, securing her spot in the upcoming finale. She then returned to Arizona, where her dad lay in a hospital bed. Her mom wrote on the family’s blog, “‘America’s Got Talent’ made arrangements to get us home immediately after the live results show tonight rather than tomorrow as planned. We are so thankful to them for their kindness and understanding. Simon isn’t the only one who gets emotional about Evie Clair. Dozens of producers and staff members are going through this challenge with us and we love them for it.”

On Thursday, her family made the heartbreaking decision to take Abplanalp off life support. Clair’s mother wrote online afterward, “We watched him take his last breaths as he continued to breathe for about 15 minutes on his own. The children burst into tears but are now at home laughing at old home movies of daddy and remembering our great love for the most wonderful man any of us have ever known.” And just hours after her father’s passing, Clair herself tweeted, “I will forever miss my sweet Daddy and cherish the last few moments I had with him, holding his hand, before the end. Love you lots!”

Along with family photos, she further posted on Instagram, “This week has been the best and worst week of my life. I’m so grateful for the memories I’ve made with my family in the past year and a half. I’m so grateful for my dad being such a great example of faith and strength. He has endured so much and all that pain has finally come to an end. He is in a place ’12 gazillion’ times better than this and I know he is so happy there. Thank you to all the people who have supported my family along this journey. I love you all.”

“I’ll miss you so much, Daddy. Thanks for teaching me to love salsa and chicken wings and most of all the Lord. Love you lots. RIP: 9/7/17,” Clair added. She wrote in a second post, “‘Say a prayer, a prayer on forever. Time is only now, Soon we’ll be together.’ I hope I made you proud, Daddy. I’ve always done it for you and I’ll do it for you forever.” As of now, the singer is still expected to perform in the “America’s Got Talent” finals on September 19. Gossip Cop extends deep condolences to Clair and her family. If so inclined, go to to help with the financial costs associated with this tragedy.

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