Evie Clair “America’s Got Talent” Video – Watch “Wings” Performance

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evie Clair AGT Quarterfinals

By Shari Weiss |

evie Clair AGT Quarterfinals


Evie Clair emotionally performed “Wings” during the “America’s Got Talent” quarterfinals on Tuesday. Watch the video below!

As Gossip Cop has reported, Clair has been one of the most moving contestants featured on season 12 of “America’s Got Talent.” During her audition, which aired in June, Clair explained her dad is battling cancer. In his honor, she performed Christina Perri’s “Arms,” sharing that she sings the inspirational song at home to provide her father with comfort. The teen broke down in tears both before and after her performance, which earned a standing ovation from the judges.

For the Judge Cuts round, Clair sang a reworked version of “I Try” by Macy Gray. She revealed that since her audition was filmed, her family learned chemotherapy wasn’t helping her dad, and they didn’t know what was doing to be. With those emotions powering her performance, Mel B, who lost her own father earlier this year, could be seen wiping away tears. Now for her first live performance of the NBC talent competition, Clair couldn’t help but get choked up again.

In her pre-taped opening, the aspiring star said with tears in his eyes, “Now more than ever, my dad inspires me to do what I love, which is singing.” She then played piano while singing “Wings” by Birdy. The lyrics included, “I just wanna be by your side/If these wings could fly/For the rest of our lives.” All of the judges gave a standing ovation, after which Howie Mandel said, “You’re living through a story I think all of America can relate to… We need strength, we need heart, and that’s all the things I heard from you… You make me speechless.”

“I started listening to the words and your voice, and oh my god, you’re just like a singing angel,” Mel said, adding, “Your dad’s gonna be poud of you no matter what and I’m proud of you.” Heidi Klum similarly said, “I’m so very proud of you for being on that stage now for the third time and being as strong as you are… You have the most incredible voice. I think you’re really, really special.” And Simon Cowell told Clair, “You are one heck of a brave young lady. I love you singing on the piano. And I want to send our love to your dad.”

Clair fought back tears as she revealed today marked her parents’ 20th wedding anniversary, but her father was too ill to attend. Check out the video below.

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