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Since he’s one of the most eligible bachelors in Hollywood, there’s been a lot of speculation about who Brad Pitt is dating right now. According to the tabloids, there are a number of female A-list stars vying for the chance to become Pitt’s girlfriend. Gossip Cop dug into our archives for all the reported contenders, which include both of the actor’s ex-wives, Jennifer Aniston and Angelina Jolie.

Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie

Though they’ve spent the last four years getting divorced, some tabloids still believe Angelina Jolie and Brad Pitt will work out their problems and get back together. Some particularly untrustworthy outlets have even tried to claim that the two are already back together. Gossip Cop investigated each of these reports, no matter how ridiculous they seemed.

Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie walk the red carpet at the premiere of World War Z
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Sometimes the tabloids claim Jolie is trying to get back together with Pitt simply to mess up his relationship with Jennifer Aniston. Although it’s been proven multiple times that Aniston and Pitt are merely friendly exes, Woman’s Day reported in July that Jolie was determined to make things “extremely awkward for [Pitt] and Jen.” A source for the magazine insisted that Jolie “has no intention of ever getting back with Brad,” but wanted to prove she could get him back if she tried. Since the story was already based on a false premise, it was a cinch for Gossip Cop to completely debunk it. If Pitt and Aniston aren’t dating, which they’re definitely not, then there’s no reason for Jolie to try and win Pitt back in the first place. Besides, it’s pretty obvious that both Pitt and Jolie have moved on from the relationship since the former spouses are still going through with their divorce.

More recently, the Australian tabloid New Idea reported that Brad Pitt and Jolie were hooking up and breaking Aniston’s heart in the process. “Angie is finding Brad’s presence back in her bed very comforting,” a so-called “exclusive source” snitched. Though the outlet’s source insisted that Pitt and Jolie were once again getting intimate, the tabloid went on to seemingly cast some doubt on that sentiment. “If it’s true,” the outlet demurred, Aniston would be devastated. In reality, there is zero reason for the Friends actress to be heartbroken, since not one bit of this story was accurate, Gossip Cop determined.

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston

Jennifer Aniston is a name that pops up in connection with Brad Pitt all the time. Despite the fact that the ex-spouses have been divorced for nearly two decades, most outlets still speak about them to this day as if they’re still together. If these outlets are to be believed, these two have already been through several relationship milestones this year.

Jennifer Aniston and Brad Pitt attend the premiere for Troy
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Following their brief reunion at the SAG awards this January, several tabloids, including Heat, predicted that the two would soon rekindle their romance. That outlet, in particular, claimed the two were planning to go on a “holiday” in Mexico together after the Oscars. Though both the outlet and its so-called insiders played coy about just what the relationship status between the two stars was, the insider said Aniston and Pitt were “both excited about being together.” At that point in time, Gossip Cop was debunking bogus stories about the exes for weeks, ever since they greeted each other backstage at the SAG Awards. We found this tall tale to be totally false.

About a month later, the Globe insisted that Brad Pitt’s mom, Jane, was nagging her famous son to get back together with Aniston. “Jane was deeply affected when Brad and Jen split in 2005, and she always prayed they'd find a way to reunite,” the disreputable publication’s source claimed, adding that Jane had always viewed Aniston “as a daughter.” “She's told Brad point-blank that she hopes to see them back together and remarried,” the source concluded. Gossip Cop didn’t trust this outlet to tell the truth for a single moment. We reached out to Pitt’s spokesperson, who assured us the actor’s mother wasn’t trying to get him back together with his ex-wife.

Alia Shawkat Dating Brad Pitt?

Ex-wives aren’t Pitt’s only potential romantic partners. For about a year now, rumors about the nature of Pitt’s friendship with Arrested Development actress Alia Shawkat have filled the pages of the supermarket tabloids. The two have been spotted out and about together at concerts and eating fast food, outings which have fueled the rumors further.

Alia Shawkat smiles wide for the camera on the Daytime Emmys red carpet
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This June, two major US tabloids, In Touch and Life & Style, published nearly identical stories claiming Shawkat was moving in with Pitt. Pitt, a source who apparently spoke with both publications explained, “is at a place in his life where he’s all about embracing happiness – and he’s decided to throw caution to the wind by having Alia move into his home!” The dubious insider went on to say, “He’s even happier waking up every morning with her beside him.” Of course Gossip Cop found this story hard to believe, especially since these two equally suspicious outlets ran the same piece, word for word. To make sure our hunch was correct, we reached out to our source close to the situation who assured us the story was completely untrue. Pitt and Shawkat were not moving in together.

About a month later, In Touch went even further and reported that Pitt and Shawkat were engaged. “At first Alia and Brad were just friends,” an unnamed source revealed, “but they started to develop feelings for each other, while Brad’s romance with Jen remained stagnant.” Now Pitt supposedly fell “in love with Alia and has asked her to be his wife.” While the tabloid consulted with an unknown, unverified “source” for their article, Gossip Cop looked into what Shakat had personally said about her relationship with Pitt. In an interview with Vulture just a few weeks before the article was published, Shawkat had very clearly stated that she and Pitt were only good friends. “We’re not dating. We’re just friends,” she told the outlet. That pretty much clears that up.

Adele, wearing a black dress, walks the red carpet at the Grammys

Other Rumored Romances


It’s not just actresses that Pitt has supposedly romanced. New Idea seemed to believe that the actor was interested in pursuing Adele. The singer, fresh from a divorce and looking better than ever, had allegedly attracted the Oscar winner, the outlet’s insider snitched. “Brad not only thinks she’s beautiful,” the so-called insider explained, “but she has him in stitches whenever they hang out together.” There is zero proof any of these claims are real. Gossip Cop reached out to our own impeccable source close to the situation who assured us the story was false. Pitt wasn’t trying to date Adele.

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Renee Bargh

Australian reporter Renee Bargh has also been rumored to be one of Pitt’s 2020 paramours. The Extra TV reporter, according to New Idea, had been “flirting up a storm” with the Ad Astra star, and he didn’t mind it one bit, insiders told the outlet. “Renee is very much Brad’s type,” the tipster whispered. “He never usually opens up on the red carpet like he did to Renee, so the fact that he stayed so long talking to her is proof of how impressed he was.” What it was actually proof of, is Bargh’s professionalism and friendliness. Bargh was simply a woman doing her job, nothing more, nothing less, no matter how much this or other tabloids may insist otherwise. That same outlet later tried to claim that Pitt had “confirmed” his relationship with Bargh, but that claim was similarly false. The two are simply not dating.

If we’re being honest, whoever Pitt may or may not be dating, is no one’s business but Pitt’s. Since he’s a very famous public figure, however, it’s entirely likely that the bizarre, false rumors about his love life will continue to pile up in the pages of the most unsavory tabloids. Though the actor is certainly used to this speculation by this point in his career, it still must feel odd for him to be connected romantically to so many different women, some of whom are almost total strangers to him. It also must be frustrating to have old relationships rehashed constantly. At the very least, Gossip Cop will always be here to set the record straight.


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