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Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton are one of the most popular couples in Hollywood, and their engagement and marriage seem almost inevitable at this point. Still, one of the unfortunate downsides of having such a visible relationship is the fact that there’s an almost non-stop stream of gossip about it. This year alone has generated a surprising amount of whispers about the music power couple, and we’ve compiled all the rumors about Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton we’ve investigated so far.

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Having Relationship Problems?

Just before the start of this year, In Touch revealed a surprising story about the couple. According to its sources, Gwen Stefani was straight-up threatening to leave Blake Shelton if he didn't hurry up and propose to her. After years of dating, a tipster shared, she was fed up with the delays. "She's had enough," the insider explained. "She's patiently waited for Blake to pop the question for years, and he keeps on dragging his cowboy boots."

Apparently, it was a bad enough situation to draw some commentary from their The Voice co-stars, with both Kelly Clarkson and John Legend asking Shelton "what the heck he's waiting for" before the show concluded. As a result, Stefani put her foot down. "She needs Blake to step up and just make a decision — or else," the insider said.

The National Enquirer had a shocking report in March about Shelton and Stefani living completely separate lives due to their busy careers. Shelton’s tour kept him away from Stefani, who was focused on her Las Vegas residency. As a result, he was "going all out to save his relationship with the love of his life” by flying to South America for her three performances at Lollapalooza festivals.

"Blake had to move mountains and shift things around in his own schedule, but he knows this is make it or break it time," one anonymous source told the outlet. "Even though he sent Gwen a sweet note and roses for Valentine's Day, that was not enough. He wasn't there, and that's all that mattered to her."

Shelton’s South American surprise wasn’t the only thing he had planned to revive the strained relationship. "He's going to serenade her with love songs he wrote for her, shower her with gifts and cozy dinners, and whisk her away on sightseeing tours, just the two of them,” the insider explained with glee. “He's going to bring the spark back!"

Front cover of the April 27 issue of Star with Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton on it.

The Couple's Almost Inevitable Wedding Comes Up A Lot

On the other hand, we’ve seen a ton of coverage of the couple’s alleged plans for nuptials. In April, Star seemed to break the news of Shelton and Stefani having a secret quarantine wedding on Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch. The two apparently realized one day that they "were stuck together anyway, so we made it official." The surprise wedding featured only 16 celebrity couples as guests, although more watched the event through Zoom.

"They're both laid-back and spontaneous, and it just made sense," the unnamed insider said. "They didn't need a fanfare, just a handful of loved ones and someone to preside over the nuptials."

While the tipster didn't know who all attended the ceremony, they revealed that Adam Levine, Kelly Clarkson, and Nicole Richie were featured on the Zoom call. "It was a celebration of love, pure and simple, and a perfect way for Gwen and Blake to become man and wife," the source concluded, saying, "They were happy to finally take the plunge."

In January, OK! published a story about Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani’s hidden holiday engagement. After being spotted at Stefani’s son’s soccer practice together, where "they couldn't keep their hands off each other," the magazine said that the reason for the couple’s affection was their romantic engagement. "Blake quietly proposed to Gwen at the beginning of the holiday season," an anonymous insider explained, "and she, of course, said yes!"

"At first, Gwen and Blake wanted to keep their engagement quiet so they could enjoy this milestone together," the mysterious insider says. "But they decided Christmas morning would be the perfect time to share the news with their family and close friends." With a "$4.3 million custom pear-shaped eight-carat diamond set in platinum" in hand, he played Stefani a song he wrote specifically for her. "Blake told Gwen he'd wanted her to hear it, but the tune was actually titled 'The Proposal,'" the tipster adds.

The Christmas season was apparently quite busy for the couple, as they’d made several preparations for a wedding already. "So far, the price tag is already coming in at almost $3 million," the source said. Besides the price tag, the two were also in talks about expanding their family, although the insider could only report that they were considering adoption due to the low chance of a natural conception for the 50-year-old singer.

At the beginning of July, Us Weekly reported on the couple’s supposed $10 million wedding plans. According to the magazine’s source, Stefani and Shelton were planning one ceremony for LA and one for Shelton’s Oklahoma ranch with “a July or August wedding date.” Of course, with the coronavirus pandemic, the two “want to ensure that all their loved ones can safely attend before setting anything in stone” since it’s “going to be a very, very big party.”

Gwen Stefani and Blake Shelton on the cover of the July 13th issue of Us Weekly
(Us Weekly)

“These will be the two most special days of their lives,” one insider explained, “so they’re going all out.” The LA event would supposedly be a little more intimate and personal, with a smaller guest list. The Oklahoma wedding, however, would ideally be the site of a massive celebration. “It all depends on the availability of certain family members and friends,” the source concluded.

In June, Us Weekly said the two had finally decided to get married after months of roadblocks. Stefani in particular had put off a wedding because her “big fear was that a second marriage would be tainted somehow without that spiritual endorsement,” but once she realized that “the bond they share is stronger than anything,” she decided that it was no longer anything to be concerned about.

“They’ve spent more time together in lockdown than they had during their entire relationship before,” an unnamed tipster said. “It’s made Gwen realize that waiting for an annulment is futile at this point.” While the two are holding off on actually holding the ceremony until lockdown is lifted and self-isolating guidelines loosen up, they’re excited to exchange vows.

With all the time they’ve spent together, they’ve also been discussing one other major step in their relationship: having a child together. “It’ll be the icing on the cake in terms of their love story, especially after they’re officially declared husband and wife,” the source concluded.

Gwen Stefani And Blake Shelton Having A Baby?

The couple’s plans for adding to their family are another familiar topic. The National Enquirer reported that Gwen Stefani was secretly trying to gain weight in order to have a baby with Blake Shelton. According to the outlet, Stefani found out that "heavier women" have easier deliveries than thinner women. Since Stefani is 50, the magazine's anonymous source revealed, she wanted to do anything that would increase her odds of having a healthy pregnancy and baby.

She was even "going all-out to pack on the pounds and she’s having a ton of fun in the process," the tipster added. “She’s been stuffing her face with things she wouldn’t usually touch, like cheese doodles, French fries and ice cream,” they shared. Although her diet wasn’t purely junk food, “for the most part it’s all about scarfing down stuff that will expand her waistline.”

What was more shocking than the allegations of bad snack habits in the report were the details about the state of the relationship. Apparently, Stefani and Shelton were ready to have a baby after undergoing a "secret trial marriage" of some sort. The top-secret trial must have gone quite well.

“Gwen will try almost anything to give herself and Blake a baby, and everyone knows it’s been a real rollercoaster at times,” the source concluded. “If eating naughty for a while gives her and Blake the chance to be parents, it will be the smallest of prices to pay!"

After Stefani canceled a few of her Just A Girl performances in Vegas this past March, the Globe argued that it was on account of her secret pregnancy. According to the outlet, the couple were beginning to worry after several unsuccessful rounds of IVF, but "her faith and endurance paid off and a miracle happened!" Even though Stefani was "over the moon" about the surprise baby, her friends had been "telling her that she needs to take it easy" since the singer had a "rare and extreme form of morning sickness." Shelton, as a result, was deeply worried about the health of his beloved but knew that “Gwen's got to rest and relax to ensure a healthy pregnancy."

This past March, Star claimed that Stefani was very quietly pregnant after a long struggle with IVF. It was apparently a three-year process that “nearly drove them apart” but now sees them planning on welcoming twin girls to their family. “Gwen’s always wanted a little girl,” one insider said, “so to have two is just beyond her wildest dreams.”

While they plan to “keep things hush-hush” regarding the early stages of the pregnancy, they plan on breaking the news themselves further down the line. “When she’s about six months along, she’ll announce it on Instagram or with a big photo,” the outlet’s source reported.

What's Going On With Shelton And Stefani

With fans across the globe, the couple are constantly talked about and although we may have compiled everything we've investigated this year, there are countless more rumors and murmurs about the couple. These run the gambit from more pregnancy and wedding gossip to terrible stories about imaginary splits and crude fights. Of course, we have yet to see any of these claims turn out to be true, and by all accounts, the couple seem to be doing just fine.


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