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Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston separated in 2004, and their divorce was finalized roughly a year later. Since they were one of the biggest couples in Hollywood for years, their split only intensified the gossip and rumors about the two. As a result, we here at Gossip Cop have investigated more rumors about the former husband and wife than we can count, and it's made a few patterns incredibly clear. We compiled our busts into this compilation as evidence of how frequent these stories are.

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Having Kids?

One of the other most common threads in stories is the idea that the two stars, once reunited, were already planning on having kids. Some rumors hold that Aniston would be carrying their child herself, while others instead point to evidence of the couple using alternative methods of having kids. Although the two haven't spoken up about hoping to expand their family, it seems like a foregone conclusion to most tabloids.

This past January, Woman's Day reported that Pitt and Aniston had not only gotten back together, but that they were already anticipating twins. According to the magazine, a picture Aniston posted to her Instagram of her reclining in the back of a car before the SAG Awards was more than just a fun photo op. "Those close to her suspect the innocent snap had hidden meaning — confirming rumors she's pregnant with twins!" As a result, one source said, the entire entertainment world was watching Aniston to see if she avoided alcohol because of how widespread the pregnancy rumor was.

February 3rd 2020 issue of Woman's Day with the headline "Brad and Jen Pregnant With Twins Girls"
(Woman's Day)

The outlet's anonymous sources also argued that Aniston had effectively confirmed rumors that she'd frozen her eggs at some point in the 2000s and it only made sense for her to have twins. "If they've done IVF there's no doubt Jen would've taken full advantage of technology and chosen two girls," the unnamed insider said. "Brad wants one of each but he's in no position to bargain this time around. Never in a thousand years did Jen think she'd have a second chance at pure happiness, and now here she is."

NW reported on Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston's secret trip to Italy with George Clooney this past February. Of course, it wasn't just any trip — it was a babymoon. The story started with the claim that Pitt's absence from the BAFTAs was because he wanted to care for a pregnant Aniston. "Right before he was meant to jump on a private jet bound for London, morning sickness began to knock the stuffing out of her," one tipster explained, "so Brad couldn't bear to leave her."

Instead, Pitt took her to George Clooney's home in Italy. "George is so stoked that Jen and Brad are back together, and happily offered up his home," the insider said. "He even had the region's best doctor on hand to help Jen with her illness, and treated her to all sorts of natural remedies and stomach-soothing drinks."Not only that, but the trip reaffirmed Pitt's dedication. "Brad's only too happy to do it," the source concluded. "He wants to enjoy every second of this precious time together and doesn't even care that he missed out on accepting his award. For the rest of his life, he's vowed that Jen and their little one come first."

Last year, In Touch published a story about Jennifer Aniston being pregnant with Brad Pitt’s baby girl. The actress has even taken to "calling it her miracle baby," the outlet’s source said. "The fact that she's able to have this baby with Brad, her first husband, after they went through so much together... it's just a dream come true." The insider also reported that the two had bought a private estate in Colorado specifically for raising their child away from both prying eyes and Hollywood itself.

It's Not The Only Way They May Have Kids

In March, New Idea published a story about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston having twins — only this time, it was through a surrogate, not Aniston herself. The two had "rekindled their relationship" after spending "lots of time together" in the past few months, and the publication's source said that surrogacy was looking more and more obvious. Pointing to ongoing Hollywood buzz, the insider argued that the two had most likely used the samed surrogate Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick used for their twins, so it was a foregone conclusion.

The outlet repeated the story in April, saying that since the celebrity surrogate had recently given birth to another set of twins, the children could only belong to Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston. "This will be the most beautiful time in their lives, something they've both dreamed about for literally decades," one tipster added.

Just a few weeks ago, New Idea also claimed that Pitt and Aniston actually already had a “secret” daughter of sorts — Pitt’s niece. The magazine’s source said that since Pitt’s niece had just graduated college, she was given an “open invitation to [Pitt’s] beloved Santa Barbara mansion as a graduation present” of sorts. Pitt and Aniston, “who recently reunited,” the unnamed insider said, “are spoiling her rotten.” According to the tipster, the young woman “shares a special bond” with the Friends actress and “always called her Aunt Jen.”

Towards the end of February, Life & Style broke the shocking news that not only had Pitt and Aniston had reunited, but they had filed the initial paperwork to adopt a daughter. Even more surprising is the fact that the couple already knew what they wanted to call the baby. "They've picked a very simple and sweet name with a special meaning: Georgia," an anonymous source revealed. Georgia, of course, would be in honor of none other than George Clooney, who "played an integral role in helping them get back together" and "feels invested in their relationship." While the source was confident in the baby's name, they didn't specify where exactly the baby was from or how the couple found her.

The cover of the March 9th, 2020 issue of Life & Style with the headline "Jen & Brad's Adoption Mira
(Life & Style)

At the beginning of this year, New Idea said that Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston were in Mexico after a series of incredibly stealthy and well-planned meet-ups that were only known to their closest friends. "But they're not really fooling anyone at this stage, and it's an open secret behind the scenes they're getting closer by the day," a source reported. "If they do wind up officially getting back together and adopting a baby, this would be the perfect place for them to adopt from."

Star claimed that the two had quietly reunited and had already started looking at adopting a child together. "Brad and Jen will be wonderful parents if and when they go ahead with this adoption," an anonymous source explained. "They want to be co-parents, with each dedicating an equal amount of time to their baby girl." Though the two had no interest in another wedding, they were supposedly searching for a baby-friendly home to share together.

Sometimes, They've Built A Life For Themselves

Although it's hard to keep some things secret in Hollywood, there are plenty of tabloid reports about the quiet steps Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston have taken in building their life as a couple once again — but they're rarely minor moves. There was one story from New Idea that reported that the two A-list actors had come together to buy a private island together.

Since the couple had spent New Year's on Australia's Double Island, the magazine said that the two were working on buying the island outright. “This is a dream project for both of them,” an anonymous source said. Should the deal go through, it’d “most likely be a combination private residence with resort capabilities.” The source concluded, “After all, they were obsessively in love during that last trip and whatever they decide to do, it will be their little nod to that.”

Just this past April, NW claimed that Pitt and Aniston would be doing a tell-all interview to clear the air about their new relationship. "They want to address the public directly, and let fans know they care for each other and always have,” a source close to the two said, “that will never change." Although the insider didn’t know anything about who would conduct the interview or when it would air, they alluded to the possibility that Pitt and Aniston would be announcing the construction of their new home and a pregnancy in the interview.

Issue of NW from April, 2020 with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston on the cover.

Woman's Day said that Pitt and Aniston were "giving it a second go," and the World War Z actor was pulling out all the stops in an effort to build the perfect lake house for the newly reformed couple. Since Aniston had "always gotten along famously with Brad's parents and loves Missouri,” the outlet reported that he was fully invested in the project. “It's all the encouragement Brad needs to start breaking ground."

Pitt And Aniston's Professional Lives Seem To Align

As two of the most popular actors in the world, fans have long been clamoring for a project that would see the two appear on screen together once again. Unsurprisingly, this results in a series of similar stories about the various shows and films the two could be working on.

Just before the end of last year, New Idea published a rumor that Pitt would reprise his infamous guest role on Friends for HBO Max's special. "Executives at HBO Max have made everyone sign water-tight confidentiality agreements which could see them being sued in excess of $5 million if they leak any details," a source said, adding that Pitt wouldn't even receive a script until the last possible second in an effort to contain any leaks. Obviously, that strategy didn't work. It's worth noting that by all accounts, the Friends reunion will be an unscripted interview.

Last August, Heat said that Pitt and Aniston had been secretly meeting up for a number of weeks to talk about possibly producing a project together. According to its sources, Aniston was pitching film adaptations of a number of books to Pitt for his Plan B company. "Jen is an avid reader and has been telling Brad all about the books she thinks would make great films," a tipster shared. "He's really missed having her intellect involved in the production company. It was her idea to turn The Time Traveler's Wife into a movie back when they were still married, which ended up doing great business for the company."

It was a somewhat familiar idea — NW made a similar claim in May 2018 after "busting" Pitt and Aniston together in Cannes. According to the magazine, the two were pitching film projects to other producers and were making the rounds together. "Brad thought it would be a great idea for them to go over and quietly network with some studio bosses," one insider said. Oddly enough, the tabloid argued that there wasn't any photographic evidence of the two's various meetings and dates since they primarily traveled at night.

NW from May 2018 with the headline "Busted In Cannes!"

In March 2018, NW said that the two were working together on a non-Hollywood project: wine. After visiting Napa Valley together, they supposedly ended up dropping $25 million on a dream home and kicked off their plans for producing "their own Californian wine and champagne." Of course, the rumor also mentioned the two preparing for a future baby as well as all six of Pitt's kids from his marriage to Angelina Jolie, but the wine production is obviously the bigger story.

Other Times, They Just Go On A Lot Of Vacations

Since they're both highly paid actors, it wouldn't come as a shock to hear about the kinds of luxurious trips the two take. As all the awards ceremonies started to wrap up this year, Heat said that Aniston and Pitt were looking for an escape from the non-stop events together. "They are planning a holiday to work out exactly what's going on between them and spend some time together away from any prying eyes," an unnamed insider revealed.

"They're both dying to get away together, to Mexico or some other hot place to wind down,” the source continued. “They're both treading carefully, but looking ahead, Jen is hoping that she and Brad will be able to have a couple more holidays together, as well as some alone time at their homes." But first, they said, “They have to figure out what it is they have together and how to take things forward."

Mexico is a frequent destination for the vacation stories about the couple. Last September, Star said that Jennifer Aniston had just treated Brad Pitt to a luxurious Cabo trip, no expenses spared. "Jen went all out," the magazine's source explained. "She hired a private chef, scheduled couples massages and a private hike to a secluded waterfall. It was like 1999 all over again — just before they got married, when she and Brad were so in love and planning a life together." Surprisingly, this story veered away from the wedding or adoption angle and kept its description of their relationship simple: "They've been taking baby steps toward fully committing to whatever it is they're doing."

The September 16th 2019 issue of Star with Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston on it.

In fact, OK! claimed that Pitt and Aniston were doing a little more than celebrating on her birthday in Cabo in February 2019. The magazine reported that Pitt had surprised Aniston with the help of Courteney Cox and effectively swept her off her feet the second she landed. "Jen told Brad, 'I never gave up on us,' and that she always had that glimmer of hope that they'd get back together," one source said.

In return, Pitt supposedly dedicated himself to her wholeheartedly. "He vowed to never break her heart again, and Jen believes him," the shockingly insightful tipster said. "They absolutely want to make it official, but know they need to take it slow and do it right this time." Although the magazine didn't explain how there weren't any photos of the couple reunited on the beach, it held firm to the idea that the two were pursuing their "second chance at love."

In April, NW published a story about Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston taking off on romantic European vacation together. "Friends are buzzing that Brad and Jen are already talking about being in love again,” sources remarked. “He's ready to take a huge risk and bring Jen to Chateau Miraval — the estate in France that he still owns with [Angelina Jolie]." Aniston didn’t really care about the history of the complex, an insider explained, since Pitt had planned out every detail of the trip to please her.

Roughly a year ago, Life & Style reported on a group vacation taken by Pitt, Aniston, and the Clooneys. Apparently, Pitt’s efforts to win over Aniston moved George Clooney enough to set up a couple’s retreat with the two. "George should get a medal for organizing this trip,” a source said. “He enlisted Amal, but it was all his idea,” the tipster added. “He feels invested in Jen and Brad. Watching them interact on this getaway, George realized their spark is undeniable — it seemed like Brad couldn't keep his hands off Jen!"

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Have Wed More Than Once

In January, Life & Style reported that Pitt and Aniston were planning on having a million-dollar wedding in Napa Valley. According to the outlet, Aniston had been seen trying on a white dress, and it could only be for one thing. "Brad and Jen already did the oceanside wedding, so they're planning something different with this one,” they said. “Jen wants to tie the knot surrounded by greenery and has been checking out ranches in California's Napa region. Brad loves the idea."

Similarly, Woman’s Day found that Aniston had taken to wearing a mysterious new ring on her ring finger — and that it could only mean one thing. "There's mounting talk Jen and Brad may have gotten hitched in secret and this is her wedding ring," one source said. "She's being very coy about it all, but word is she and Brad are very much in love again, and they decided to do something utterly romantic and elope."

New Idea published a story about Pitt and Aniston quietly tying the knot at her Christmas party last year. Considering the fact that Aniston disguised her ceremony with Justin Theroux as a birthday party, the Christmas festivities would make for an excellent cover. "Brad's attendance at the party had tongues wagging that history could be repeating itself," a source whispered. Add in the event’s large guest list of big stars, the outlet says that the party would be the perfect way to restart their marriage. "All Jen wants is to be Mrs. Pitt again and to start the new year off as his wife,” a source said. “The Christmas party would have been the perfect disguise to make her dream happen with the utmost privacy and discretion.”

Brad Pitt And Jennifer Aniston Rumors Aren't Stopping

No matter how many times we bust the same story, there hasn't been any sign that the rumor mill is slowing down on gossip about the former couple. Pitt's past relationship drama will never cease to fascinate people, and Aniston's massive fanbase ensures that there are always people looking for new information about the actress.

By tying in nearly every single aspect of their lives, from their children to the careers to their free time, rumormongers can make these stories appeal to nearly everyone who's ever heard of the two stars.Hopefully, by identifying the obvious trends and recurring falsehoods, it'll only get easier to find the flaws in these baseless reports. If not, at least we have the receipts for the next time a tabloid decides that Pitt and Aniston are up to something.


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