Eva Mendes Gave Ryan Gosling Marriage Ultimatum?

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Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling Marriage

By Michael Lewittes |

Eva Mendes Ryan Gosling Marriage

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Eva Mendes did not give Ryan Gosling a marriage “ultimatum,” despite a new report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this claim. We’re told the actress never threatened the actor with “marry me” or it’s over.

OK!, which has a less than okay track record when it comes to reporting about Gosling and Mendes, maintain the actress hit her longtime boyfriend with a “dramatic ultimatum.” According to a supposed “source” for the tabloid, “[Mendes] told him that it’s about time he manned up and put a ring on it.” The same so-called “source” adds, “She’s been patient for a long time while he lived his own life and left her at home with their two daughters,” but she recently confronted Gosling about not being able to commit and now she “wants him to show he’ll always be there.”

The alleged “insider” further contends that Gosling assured Mendes he’s “not going anywhere.” “He promised he’ll marry her eventually, just not right now,” continues the questionable source. “It’s up to Eva to decide how much longer she wants to wait,” concludes the “insider.”

As noted above, OK! has been wrong a lot about the couple. For instance, Gossip Cop busted the tabloid some time ago when it falsely asserted Mendes feels “threatened” by Gosling’s friendship with Emma Stone, his co-star in three films. And just a few months ago, we exclusively corrected the outlet when it published a completely erroneous article that alleged Mendes cheated on Gosling with Australian TV reporter Richards Wilkins. At the time, her rep assured us, “She barely knows that man.”

Much like those entirely inaccurate reports, the latest about Mendes giving Gosling an “ultimatum” is equally untrue. Without being furnished with too many specifics, Gossip Cop was told by a source connected to the two that “they’re on the same page” and there was no “ultimatum.” The reality is Gosling and Mendes have a very private relationship, and no one close to them blabs to tabloids about their personal lives.

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