Eva Mendes NOT Jealous Of Ryan Gosling’s “Blade Runner 2049” Co-Stars

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eva Mendes Jealous Ryan Gosling Blade Runner

By Gossip Cop Staff |

eva Mendes Jealous Ryan Gosling Blade Runner

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Eva Mendes is not jealous of Ryan Gosling’s female co-stars from Blade Runner 2049, despite a report. Gossip Cop can bust this story, and explain how it’s part of a pattern.

“Ryan’s Blonde Bombshells” blares a headline in Star, which claims Mendes is “up in arms over the actor’s embrace” with cast mates Ana de Arms and Sylvia Hoeks at a photo call in Barcelona earlier this month. Pictures taken at the event show Gosling posing for the cameras with the women sandwiching him. All are smiling and seem to have been caught in a moment of silly laughter.

A so-called “source close to the couple” is quoted as saying, “Ryan’s behavior hardly amounts to infidelity, but it’s no secret that Eva has got a serious jealous streak. Although those photos may have been harmless, it’s easy to understand why she would feel threated by Ana and Sylvia.” Actually, it’s not known that Mendes has a “serious jealous streak.” That’s just something the tabloids have been claiming for the sake of drama. And the story has no actual proof that Mendes was upset about the pictures in question.

The gossip magazine only speculates that she could be, and goes on to allege Gosling might be in trouble with her. “Ryan is always telling her that she has nothing to worry about, but this certainly doesn’t help his case,” contends the outlet’s supposed snitch. “He definitely has some explaining to do when he gets back to L.A., especially considering all of the sacrifices Eva has made for his career.”

Actually, Gosling has nothing to explain, except, perhaps, to the publication. Mendes is well aware that photocalls, like premieres, are about showing camaraderie among colleagues. She’s an actress and knows the drill first-hand. There was nothing all that out of the ordinary about Gosling embracing his co-stars for a photo shoot, just as countless actors before him have done.

What’s really going on is Star wanted to run a scandalous and sensational story. And after the magazine and its sister outlets repeatedly publishing untrue articles about Mendes being upset over Gosling’s bond with Emma Stone, the tabloid has now turned its focus to his latest co-stars. It is entirely unoriginal and totally transparent.

It was only a few months ago that the outlet ran a cover story wrongly claiming Gosling and Mendes had split. Gossip Cop correctly debunked the claims back in March, and time has proven us right. Time will also show there’s no issue between the couple and Gosling’s Blade Runner co-stars.