Eva Mendes did not cheat on Ryan Gosling with an Australian TV reporter named Richard Wilkins, nor is the actor on the verge of dumping her, despite an entirely untrue report. Gossip Cop can exclusively correct this falsehood. We're told Mendes "barely knows" Wilkins, who's simply interviewed her a couple of times.

OK! claims in a new article that Gosling might "dump" Mendes, the mother of his two children, after reports have emerged of a "past relationship she had with an Aussie TV host." The frequently discredited tabloid quotes an ill-informed or possibly made-up "source" as saying, "Ryan's humiliated that Eva never told him about this man." "Now he can't help but wonder what else she's hiding from him. He's ready to throw in the towel," alleges the questionable "source."

The often disproven publication notes that "claims about Eva's past came out during an Australian radio interview" with Wilkins' son Christian. The outlet writes that when Christian was asked about his "dad's fling with Eva," he responded, "I didn't even actually realize it was public knowledge, so there you go." The magazine's supposed source adds, "Eva insists Richard is just a friend, but Ryan doesn't know if he can believe her."

The only ones not to believe are OK! and the other equally untrustworthy outlets that have repeated this lie. While it's true Mendes has been interviewed by Wilkins, there has never been anything romantic between them. The two or so times they've been anywhere near each other have been 100 percent business-related. Additionally, Christian was joking about his father having a fling with the famous actress.

A rep for Mendes exclusively tells Gossip Cop, "She barely knows that man Richard Wilkins." The spokesman further points out, "He moderated an onstage Q&A many years ago in Australia that Eva was a part of, thus the photo of them on a carpet," and Wilkins "may have interviewed her at a film junket." "She doesn't know him on any personal level," adds Mendes's rep.

Generally, when the tabloid publishes its fake news stories about the couple it falsely contends that Mendes is "threatened" by Gosling's friendship with Emma Stone. This time, the magazine decided to switch it up and allege that Gosling has doubts about Mendes. Either way, the publication seems to repeatedly be wrong about Mendes and Gosling.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop has determined this story is totally false.


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