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In May, a rumor made the rounds claiming Eva Mendes and Ryan Gosling were going to get married and have a baby as early as this summer. Since summer is slowly but surely coming to a close, Gossip Cop is going to take a closer look.

After Nine Years, The Two Tie The Knot And Have A Third Baby

According to OK!, Mendes and Gosling are telling “friends they’re finally getting married,” or so says an anonymous insider. The two were “hoping to wed later this summer in celebration of their ninth anniversary.” “Invites have yet to go out,” but the couple is planning for a wedding within a few months.

Formerly Rocky Relationship, Now Better Than Ever

Mendes and Gosling “were beginning to feel like they were living separate lives.” Things changed when “Ryan made the decision to work less” to stay home with the kids. The insider goes so far as to speculate that Mendes “may already be pregnant” with their third child, something only Mendes and Gosling would know at this point.

We busted this tabloid not long ago for claiming that Mendes was upset with Gosling over going back to work. We reached out to a spokesperson for Mendes who called that notion “nonsense.” Just a few months later the couple went from fighting a lot to more in love than ever before? This tabloid cannot keep its story straight.

Suspicious Amount Of Insight

Mendes and Gosling are notoriously private about their personal lives. Gosling has a long-dormant twitter, and Mendes does not post about her family. Mendes has recently posted on Instagram alluding to this fact.

Given how private this couple is, it makes this report seem all the more implausible. How would this alleged insider know who was on a guest list before invitations went out? Only people within a couple’s inner circle would be privy to that information, and if they were that close they would know better than to talk to a tabloid.

A Wedding Does Not Seem To Be In The Cards

With how private Gosling and Mendes are, it’s possible a wedding is being planned and they simply aren’t telling anybody. Gossip Cop still thinks it’s unlikely that a wedding would be happening. It seems the two started dating around September 2011, so the anniversary celebration would be rapidly approaching.

Gosling does not appear to be slowing down at all. He’s currently attached to play the titular Wolfman for Universal. He’s also going to act opposite Chris Evans in The Gray Man. Mendes stopped acting to raise a family since 2014. Contrary to this insider’s report that he would decelerate from acting, Gosling will still have a full plate once the pandemic relents.

The Tabloid That Cried Marriage

This report is all the more unreliable because this tabloid has a bad reputation when it comes to surprise weddings. Gossip Cop recently busted their report that John Cena is engaged. It claimed that Alex Rodriguez and Jennifer Lopez were actively planning a Vatican City wedding, but that never was in the cards.

This tabloid has made erroneous claims about this couple before. It claimed Mendes was leaving Gosling and taking the kids, which Gossip Cop busted as being completely false. A few months later, it claimed the two were “better than ever.” It’s as though their partnership oscillates between danger and bliss, or whatever OK! thinks it should be that month, apparently.

The truth is that Gosling and Mendes have been together for nearly a decade now, which is an eternity by Hollywood standards. They privately are raising their family. The status quo works for them, and a summer wedding would have to be planned rapidly to happen by this tabloids summer deadline. Therefore, Gossip Cop believes this story is likely false, as an insider knowing this much information is extremely unlikely.

Our Verdict

Gossip Cop can’t say for sure, but this is most likely false, given the evidence.


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