Eva Longoria Using Victoria Beckham As Trainer, Nutritionist To Lose Pregnancy Weight?

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Eva Longoria Victoria Beckham Trainer Nutritionist

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Eva Longoria Victoria Beckham Trainer Nutritionist

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Is Eva Longoria using Victoria Beckham as her own personal trainer and nutritionist? A report claims the actress has enlisted her close friend for help losing weight from her pregnancy. Gossip Cop can bust the story, and explain how this is a three-month-old, debunked rumor that’s being reheated in the wake of Longoria giving birth.

In April, OK! claimed a pregnant Longoria was so upset with her baby weight that she was relying on Beckham to help her “cope.” As Gossip Cop reported then, it seemed the tabloid might have taken its narrative from another tabloid, Heat, which ran a suspiciously similar story about how the two women were supposedly already conspiring on a plan for Longoria to eventually shed the pounds from her pregnancy. The gist of both tales was that Longoria was struggling with her weight gain, and needed to lean on Beckham to help get through it.

But as Gossip Cop pointed out, Longoria regularly flaunted her baby bump on Instagram throughout her pregnancy. She clearly wasn’t ashamed of her size, even as she admitted she no longer fit in her normal clothing. The notion that she was struggling and needed counseling from her pal was “completely ridiculous,” a Longoria confidante told us on background. Beckham’s rep also confirmed to us on the record that the tales were untrue.

Longoria gave birth to her son on June 19, and now OK! is bringing its bogus storyline from April back in July. In its new issue, a headline exclaims, “Eva Begs Posh: Help Me Get Thin!” The magazine contends Longoria “turned to” her “BFF” because she “really, really wants to shed the weight she gained while pregnant with her newborn son.”

“Eva didn’t think she could do it on her own, so she asked Victoria to be her trainer and nutritionist,” a so-called “source” is quoted as saying. It’s alleged Beckham is now “happily whipping her pal, who gained about 40 pounds, into shape.” Of course, it should be mentioned that the women live not just in different time zones, but on different continents.

Still, the supposed snitch claims Beckham “has Eva FaceTime her for workouts, whether it’s Pilates, indoor cycling or weight training.” Curiously, nothing is said about the eight-hour time difference between Los Angeles and London. That would make coordinating exercise sessions rather difficult. As for nutrition, the alleged tipster maintains Beckham “makes” Longoria “keep a food journal and email it over for inspection.”

But the notion that the “Desperate Housewives” star doesn’t know how to properly take care of herself just because she had a baby is absurd. Longoria has shared her health and fitness secrets many times over the years, discussing both her mindful eating habits and her commitment to workouts. She even released her own cookbook, Eva’s Kitchen, in 2011. And while it’s not uncommon for celebrities to use personal trainers and nutritionists to help with staying fit, the idea of Beckham fulfilling that role while she raises four children and runs her own business is a bit silly and far-fetched.

Additionally, only two days ago Longoria shared on Instagram a behind-the-scenes photo from her first post-pregnancy shoot, and it’s apparent she’s already lost quite a bit of weight. While she gave credit to the photographer and her glam “crew,” the actress said nothing about Beckham helping her get camera-ready again. Gossip Cop also checked back in with our Longoria confidante, who again assures us this storyline is still not true.


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