Eva Longoria And Jimmy Fallon Play “Fast Family Feud” On “Tonight Show” (VIDEO)

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Eva Longoria Jimmy Fallon Family Feud Video

By Shari Weiss |

Eva Longoria Jimmy Fallon Family Feud Video


Eva Longoria and Jimmy Fallon played “Fast Family Feud” on Friday’s “Tonight Show.” Watch below!

As Fallon described it, “the game is like ‘Family Feud’ only faster.” Both he and Longoria had buzzers, which they had to hit first to answer a question. If they gave the number one answer, they won the round, but if not, the other had a chance to steal.

All the answers were based on a survey of the show’s audience, and Longoria buzzed in for the first question even before it was done being announced. Asked to name a Christmas gift people don’t like to receive, the actress said “fruitcake.” That was the second-highest response, but Fallon totally blew the steal when he said “gift cards.”

The host then had more bad luck. For the second round, he buzzed in first to name a one-word greeting, but his pick, “hello,” actually wasn’t one of the top three answers. Fallon hysterically flipped on his audience for not giving the most obvious response.

You’ll have to watch below to see how the rest of the game played out. Longoria’s appearance, which was to promote her new series “Telenovela,” also included the star amusingly teaching Fallon how to act in a Spanish soap opera. Check out the videos below!


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