Eva Longoria: I Did Not Compare Donald Trump To Adolf Hitler

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Eva Longoria Donald Trump Hitler

By Minyvonne Burke |

Eva Longoria Donald Trump Hitler

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Eva Longoria is denying she compared Donald Trump to Adolf Hitler during an interview at the National Association of Latino Independent Producers Media Summit luncheon on Friday. Reports surfaced on Wednesday claiming the actress compared the presidential candidate to the Nazi leader, but Longoria now says on her WhoSay page that her comments were “dramatically mis-characterized.”

She wrote, “I’m not comparing anyone. Of course I’m NOT saying Donald Trump himself is dangerous, but that WORDS can be dangerous. I was referring to the quote ‘The word is so powerful that one word can change a life or destroy lives of millions.’”

During her interview at the luncheon, Longoria said she was hesitant to comment on Trump’s offensive remarks about Mexican immigrants, in which he said they were “criminals” and “rapists,” who only brought problems to the U.S. But then she said, “It struck a cord within our community that touched our emotions so deep that I don’t want to contribute to that poison being spread because if I contribute, it’s just going to bring even more attention to the original comments.”

Longoria further stated at the luncheon, “What I don’t think he understands, and what people don’t understand, is words create emotional poison. That’s what they do. They create emotional poison. Hitler moved a nation with words, just words. So you have to expect this backlash. If you say something like that, as he has said, you must expect a backlash.”

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